Men are not only the breadwinners but a woman’s ultimate prize according to our societal norms. It is better to remain married to a cheating man; it is more acceptable to beat the woman he cheated with and to hold her responsible than to hold the man accountable for his actions. It’s a win win for men and a systemic loss for women..

2. Weak GOP line up: It says something when the frontrunner for the nomination is probably the third best candidate from last time. Mitt Romney has no charisma and when you look at Pawlenty, Cain, Gingrich and Huntsman you have some of the most boring candidates you could imagine.

In Cumberland Blood: Champ Ferguson’s Civil War by Thomas D. Mays and Confederate Outlaw: Champ Ferguson and the Civil War in Appalachia by Brian D. McKnight, these two historians say Ferguson’s killing spree began shortly after he was captured by the Union’s Home Guard.

If they paid such careful attention to that they wouldn’t have taken Kohana from Takara. Kohana was only 3 years old. Ironically up on SeaWorld’s page, “The Truth About [The Movie] Blackfish,” they have a picture of Takara with her calf Kohana, and they say that “we do not separate mothers from their calves.” OK, right now Takara is at SeaWorld of Texas and Kohana is in Spain. So they are separated and they actually took Kohana away from Takara when she was only 3 years old and that put Kohana in a social situation where she had no mother, at the age of 3, and no other adult female. So what happened was she was inbred with her uncle, Keto.

The National Sleep Foundation advises against watching TV, listening to music, or reading in bed. Sure, it’s comfortable, but you want to create a mind body connection with your bed and sleep not a Netflix marathon. Keep your extracurricular activities to other spaces in your home or apartment.

The programme has been created and launched by the National e Governance Division, Ministry of Electronics and IT in collaboration with Intel India, with support from Department of School Education and Literacy (DoSE Ministry of Human Resource Development. DoSE will help reach out to State Education Departments to nominate teachers as per eligibility criteria. The media at the launch event, Prasad said must be a leading country in the development of Artificial Intelligence in the world, leveraging upon its vast Internet savvy population and data it is creating.

He may have the largest heart and sense at a time when it matters most The passing of Marv Luster got me thinking: Who is the greatest Argo player I ever seen? I never saw Dick Shatto or Joe Krol or Royal Copeland. Luster, who was part defensive back, part linebacker, and a hitter like no one before or after, was sensational as an Argo. Pinball Clemons was great.