Oliver’s poems are often an exercise in ecstasy, charting those moments when the temporal is touched by the transcendental. We are not surprised to learn that she is a fan of Walt Whitman, who could find a door to the cosmos in a blade of grass. A continuing theme of her work is the way that such moments of perception can suddenly alter an ordinary hour, eternity sneaking up and tapping you on the shoulder, as in her poem “Drifting”:.

I kept on taking pics until around 6 AM. The shot from yesterday was just before sunrise outside the front of the hotel. The Ballroom and Music Room are supposed haunted areas. Joshua Vaughan, Bloomington Jefferson/Bloomington Kennedy, 4 2; Andy Bouressa, Alexandria, pinned Chandler Arredondo, Richfield, 4:47; Shaun Little, St. Michael Albertville, dec. Connor Kortan, Albert Lea, 5 3..

Last night, Tommy Heinsohn called Bucks veteran Kurt Thomas “a thug.” It was kind of harsh. But Thomas’s reputation doesn’t exactly scream “peaceful resolution.” The funniest part about Thomas’s dust up with Glen Davis last night was probably Thomas’s reaction, or lack thereof. When Davis hopped up from the floor and got in Thomas’s face, he looked at Davis like he was a 280 pound pug..

My parents (Don and Rose Bell),were also very sadden by his passing. Great memories we’re had. I lose another Uncle. The lack of transparency aided and abided by WHO leadership hampered understanding of the virus and delayed the global response.”. Commissioner Adam Silver is expected to give further guidelines after June 1 to ramp up workouts in group settings, as the NBA is in talks with Disney and ESPN’s Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Fla. To host the remainder of its season as early as late July. Official training camps aren’t expected to begin until mid to lane June and it remains to be seen if those will be held at team facilities or in Orlando..

They argue that this was a reason make it the state fish again, because it is not a common fish to catch for sport or food. If a commonly sought after fish (like the opakapaka, mahimahi, or ono) was the state fish, environmentalists would attempt to protect the fish, causing various disturbances to both the peace and also to the economy. The tough structure of its body as well as its size and shape allows the humuhumu to swim into small crevasses in the rocks to hide from predators..

Its almost August and the US Open series will be starting soon. Time for some great tennis in the US. Seeing as though my Maria Sharapova post is one of the top views everyday and she is my favorite must admit after I took photos this dayat Indian Wells, CA at the BNP Paribas Open (March 2009) Ana Ivanovic surely is the most photogenic tennis player on the women side.