All recordings have been newly mastered by Jason NeSmith at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, Ga. And sound better than ever. Starting with The Capricorn Years 1969 1979 Part I,the collection kicks off at the beginning of the Allman Brothers Band’s story with their first ever recording, the previously unreleased 1969 demo version of “Trouble No More,” and includes highlights from their self titled debut like the swaggering one two punch of “Don’t Want You No More” and “It’s Not My Cross To Bear,” the musical maelstrom “;” standouts from their second album, Idlewild South, such as the classic “;” Dickey’s first songwriting effort for the band, “;” and “Don’t Keep Me Wondering,” with Duane’s slide guitar work center stage.

Misconceptions on VelicoraptorsI’ve chosen this hub for inclusion because it highlights an issue of accuracy which may concern those who feel that scientific evidence is too often abused and distorted. It’s a fairly inoffensive example in this case done for no more nefarious reason than to produce an entertaining movie but nonetheless the inaccurate portrayal of dinosaurs in a film like Jurassic Park does grate, because movies reach and influence a far wider audience than scientific papers and serious documentaries ever do. The Velociraptor in Jurassic Park was not accurate by any stretch of the imagination hopefully this article will help put the record straight for thousands whose thinking on the subject has been influenced by the film.

The sponsorship also means a new paint job for Gordon number 24 car. The car, complete with a blue Panasonic paint job, will debut this weekend at the Sonoma Raceway in California. The car will also make an appearance on August 31 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Your local house might have a connection with a recycling center already where you can take the tabs directly. If they have an account set up, then the money can just go directly to the local house. Otherwise, you can just take the money and make a donation yourself.

Consumers spent $14.5 billion on sunglasses in 2018, according to the market research firm, Grand View Research.If Futuremood can capture even a fraction of that market with its unique spin on sunglasses, it’ll be in good shape.As with any good direct to consumer product, Futuremood’s difference begins with its packaging. Tapping in to the mood altering “wearable drugs” aesthetic, the company’s product is packaged in boxes with the same bright hues as the sunglasses. Inside there’s a cloth to clean the glasses, a velvet pouch to hold them and a scented pack of incense matches and a vaguely tarot esque card with information about the glasses and the sensation they’re meant to evoke (there’s even a Spotify playlist to listen to).In an email, Schaecher described the sensation as “not as subtle as CBD, but not as strong as a shot of tequila or glass of Ros.”Austin and I are really into different ways of self care and taking moments and we thought there was an opportunity to bring delight and joy,” with the packaging, Schaecher said.