L. Wong, A. Mailman, K. EXCLUSIVE: A report by the English Labour Network issues a stark warning about the crisis facing the party and claims it cannot hold power unless it appeals to English votersLondon gets 565 more investment per person every year than rest of UK, experts sayThe BudgetThe gaping chasm in the amount of cash pumped into the capital compared with elsewhere in the country was disclosed by the Institute for Fiscal Studies in the run up to next month’s BudgetLabour MP outlines why the party needs to be back in power to deliver for votersLabour PartyLabour MP Darren Jones writes exclusively for the Mirror as Labour’s 120th birthday approaches. He talks about the commission he is launching to try and help get the party back into governmentLabour should not choose ‘Continuity Corbyn’ as new leader, warns defeated MPLabour PartyCandidates bidding to succeed Jeremy Corbyn will set out their plans for recapturing the party’s traditional heartlands vital building blocks to form the majority need for Labour to return to government on Sunday at the Mirror hustings. On the fifth and final day of the Mirror’s tour of “Red Wall”, Deputy Political Editor BEN GLAZE visits Wolverhampton North East.Labour must become a centre left party to ever win again, warns defeated MPLabour PartyOn day four of the Mirror’s tour of “Red Wall” constituencies which crumbled in December, Daily Mirror Deputy Political Editor Ben Glaze visits Delyn, North WalesWhy Labour cannot rely on voters flocking back once Jeremy Corbyn is goneLabour PartyLabour leadership candidates take part in the Mirror’s hustings on Sunday, setting out their plans to revive the party.

He was the man who made the New York Giants a Jersey team. Before Mara was president and co owner, the Giants played at Yankee stadium. In 1976, he moved them to the Meadowlands. Simpson case. CONFIDENT: Generally, studios don’t offer shows to the syndication market so early, but UPN is already talking to TV station owners about the off network rights for Moesha, available in the year 2000. SPOOK STORY: Jamie Otis, who co founded the first organization of former intelligence agents opposed to covert operations, will make a documentary about the true stories of seven CIA agents for Turner Original Productions.

Leanne has been a model student over the past two years; her attendance has been excellent. She has always been enthusiastic, polite, well mannered and shown a maturity far above her age. Leanne has always been fully committed from day one, she has been very positive in her attitude to all lessons, constantly producing work to a very high standard and will be progressing on to a full time catering programme in September..