The Mate 10 will be unveiled at around the time of the iPhone 8 launch, which pegs it at roughly mid September. Yu also teased great battery life, quick charging, improved cameras, any many other features. Rumours suggest that it could have AI, AR, facial recognition and 3D sensing capabilities as well..

He was very tame and crawled around the keeper’s neck. He and his brother have a nice large pen with plenty of natural hiding places and colorful veggies to eat. We left with such a good feeling knowing they had found a wonderful home and would be used to educate others about the often misunderstood possum..

Call me crazy, but the 1981 Lloyd Webber musical has a mysterious allure for me. I know that Cats isn’t really about anything except a bunch of cats singing and dancing on a garbage dump. I know that the “storyline” is to speak grandly of something about as substantial as a kibble, leads to the grand revelation that “a cat is not a dog,” and “cats are very much like you.” I know that whole generations of singer/dancers have grown up, torn their knee cartileges, and retired while engaged in species cross dressing, in Lycra cat suits..

It was complete chaos inside a family’s car when a rude camel poked its head in and began snatching food from their hands. Nathan Pugh was visiting a drive through zoo in Oklahoma with his family when the camel decided to pay them an unsolicited visit. According to Daily Mail, the electrician was driving through the zoo with his wife Kelsi, nine year old son Bostyn and seven year old daughter Ryan..

Brewer ripped Hudson Yards as “elitist” and unwelcoming to people of color. Never mind that its extensive public amenities and open parkland are freely open to all. Its giant shopping mall offers Shake Shack and other cheap places to eat in addition to fancy restaurants, and such “elitist” shops as H along with Cartier..

Or, in this case, for a man still desperate to escape the nightmare realities of his life. Robotic. I try to do the exact same thing every day. They have these four huge video boards, roughly 100 feet long, that are new this season. They’re doing a lot of new stuff.”Rian Oliver, our head of compliance, met with their compliance folks. We’ve talked about retiring jerseys and we saw how they do those things.”North Carolina displays eight retired jerseys high in light blue colored rafters inside the Smith Center.Roughly 40 more players numbers are recognized (not retired) in three rows below the retired jerseys.”Their retired jerseys are national players of the year,” Roth said.