Finally,usingaugmented reality, the glassescouldprojectan animated image overlayingwhat theemployee islooking at. This can help guide them on how to fix or assemble something such as a dashboard or an air conditioner repair, highlighting the appropriate part at the right time. McIntyre sees this as an outlier case for the time being, but as the hardware advances, we could see more of this type of application..

Even if your brightly colored toes aren walking you to a beach anytime soon, taking time to paint your nails can be a very mindful activity while social distancing. There are also new, fruit inspired colors with actual fruit oils inside to give your nails an extrasweet treat, plus products to make sure your cuticles stay in tip top shape year round. Ahead, find the best new arrivals in the nail section at Sephora including cheery polishes and at home nail care..

However, I was not. My body, after a decade of going through the work commute from hell, just couldn’t do it. I had to quit my new occupation. Manu Ginobili had 20 points and seven assists, Parker added 18 points and 11 assists and the NBA best Spurs (38 7) cruised to an otherwise stress free victory that clinched the Western Conference best record through games of Feb. 6. That means Spurs coach Gregg Popovich will coach the West squad in the All Star game Feb.

If you have a mild prescription of less than 4 diopters, little or no astigmatism and no bifocals, consider buying online. I going to miss that. Enthusiasm is contagious. His daughter also became a fifth grade teacher and now works in Southern California.

This has been floating around the Internet for a few years now and still seems to work. At a retail store, you buy a prepaid debit card along with your groceries and put the entire purchase on your credit card. You then use the prepaid debit card to pay for a money order made out to yourself.

All rabbits shed some more than others but either way, you can’t skip out on grooming tools. You’ll need a large litterbox, one suitable for a cat. They will need a large water bowl as well as they can drink as much as a large dog. It seems almost odd to talk of performances when they’re as natural and unforced as they are in Boyhood, but they’re fascinating, with the adults nearly as physically altered by time as the kids. So are the offhand glimpses the film gives you of a decade’s worth of music, video game consoles and cellphones. The picture is so unassuming and understated as it wends its way through a dozen years in the life of this family in all our lives, really that you’re likely to be surprised at how invested you feel how proud and conflicted when Mason finally stands on the brink of adulthood..