The baked potato should be halved and the flesh scooped carefully out in to a bowl. Try to leave some flesh on the skin, around an eighth of an inch thickness if possible. Each potato skin should then be halved lengthwise to leave four fairly large wedges.

Most of us wear eye protection but what kind? A pair of everyday sunglasses will keep that bee from giving you a shiner but eye protection should be more than that. Whether you like goggles or sunglasses, dedicated motorcycle eye wear will keep the dust and wind out of your eyes. While UV protection is great, I find polarized eye wear gives you much better visibility in all conditions.

There was verbal and emotional abuse they’d make you feel the size of a peanut because you wrinkled the bedspread. They’d call me stupid if I failed a test and fat when I gained weight. My self esteem was shot; I believed I was a horrible person, I was completely ashamed of who I was..

Would also like to thank the Louisville coaching staff for the relationship we have built in the last couple months, Hayes wrote. Also want to say that I love the relationship the Kentucky coaching staff and I have built in these last couple months of my recruiting process, but after talking it over with my family I decided to flip my commitment to the University of Kentucky. Kentucky offered him a scholarship in May.

Research in the US has looked into the relationship between eating various fruits and vegetables and prostate cancer. Out of the 46 types of fruit and vegetables studied, tomatoes and their derivatives such as tomato sauce, had a significant impact on a reduction in the risk of prostate cancer. It is the powerful antioxidant called lycopene in the tomatoes that is believed to offer protection against prostate cancer.

Instead, Hensley and his colleagues discovered that two mechanisms influence the duration of the light pulses. An animal using enzymes with a slower reaction rate will create a longer glow, but so too will one that spits out a greater amount of reactant, which takes the enzymes longer to exhaust. Both of these are at play in different combinations across the different species..

Every player selected in the NBA draft Wednesday will have been weighed, measured, tested and prodded. Scouts will have watched them play four, five, six or more times. They will have been observed and interviewed away from the court. Danny Clyde Williams,who has addresses in California and Colorado, is accused in the Elizabeth crash that killed 24 year old Jeffrey Oakleylast summer.Williams, also known as Danny Clyde Burnam, is charged with aggravated manslaughter, vehicular homicide, two counts of second degree aggravated assault, four counts of eluding police and a count of third degree aggravated assault.Union County Prosecutor Grace Parksaid around midnight on July 9, Williams, 57, drove his cab style commercial tractor into a car near First Street and Elizabeth Avenue. The uninjured driver of that car tried to make Williams stop, but he kept going northwest on Elizabeth Avenue, Park said.A county police officer then saw Williams driving erratically near North Broad Street and Elizabeth Avenue and tried to intervene, Park said. She said the officer fired one shot from his gun.Williams then drove quickly on North Broad Street and hit several parked and moving cars, Park said.