It should also contain information you learn about Wicca, your thoughts and revelations, your spiritual experiences, information about your Gods or your pantheon, information about your religions rituals, rites, beliefs and practices. If you like, it can also contain everything from herbalism notes to Tarot Card meanings to your favorite Esbat cakes and ale recipes. The only rule is that it should be a work in progress for as long as you are Wiccan..

He is also on Flickr. I caught a train to his hometown of Wiesbaden. My first visit there! It was about a 45 minute ride. Russian security camera footage shows two forklifts pottering about a Russian warehouse. One reverses into the stock, tipping more than 100,000 worth of alcohol. After several months of musings on her teenage life, Bree was outed in September 2006 as actress Jessica Rose.

The president had blamed violent outbreaks at some protests on “Radical Left” extremists, as did Attorney General William Barr.”I stand before you as a friend and ally to every American seeking justice and peace,” Trump told reporters Saturday. “And I stand before you in firm opposition to anyone exploiting this tragedy to loot, rob, attack and menace. Healing, not hatred, justice, not chaos are the mission at hand.”The president was in Florida on Saturday afternoon to witness a SpaceX rocket launch.

To this day, is considered to be one of the best eyewear companies for adventure sports. Photo: Courtesy of Kate Erwin. The fun loving brand Spy has always been mixing high tech lens with laid back fashion style frames. With forward Serge Ibaka set to return from a three game suspension Wednesday, Toronto looked set to have its whole roster available for the first time since the trade deadline. Instead, Lowry may be forced to miss at least one of this week two games against Oklahoma City. Toronto visits the Thunder on Wednesday before hosting them Friday..

All cash, no debt.A little background on him he’s been in real estate his whole life, has owned over a hundred properties, got hit hard in 2008 (due to his debts), but still a millionaire, financially free, and of course, debt free. His resume makes it difficult to question his advice!!I’m 29 yrs old, have a decent nest egg growing in a 401k. Dave Ramsey and real estate investor are usually like oil and water.

He also posted a video of his wife dancing in their garden as she showed off her wedding number. The dress itself featured the iconic nineties puffed sleeves and a corset style bodice. Meanwhile, Melanie posted her own photo and simply said: “29/05/93.