“We can move back to where you’d like, we are live on the air at the moment,” Jimenez says. “This is the four of us, we are one team. Put us back where you want us, we are getting out of your way, so just let us know. We have been denied access to understanding our own particular cultures, traditions, customs, history, music, dances, traditional dresses, languages, sacred rites and practices by those who want to confuse us and keep us in perpetual ignorance and as slaves. We are easy to enslave because because we ‘really’ do not know much about our cultures, etc. Some of us do not really care.

Five days later, the Commercial reported 35 or 40 men were sleeping in spaces otherwise known as “dungeons” meant for less than half that number. They were packed in like sardines without ventilation. Sleeping on cement floors, some covered themselves with newspapers and slept in their clothes trying to avoid the “vermin.” Their fare was cold water and pilot crackers, but “they are welcome to fill their pockets if they are hungry.”.

What is NOT art? It is more difficult to apply an objective standard for defining art by identifying what is not art. For example, I strenuously object to the concept that art is anything its creator wants it to be, but many hold fast to this belief. It is my opinion that a framed sheet of notebook paper is not art just because a “creator” states that it is how we view the sheet of notebook paper is also a consideration.

NC: That’s exactly the question I’ve been asking myself a lot recently. Because the ideas behind the systems movement are beautiful: showing how everything fits together by using feedback loops and immersion to educate. But I’m starting to come to the conclusion that systems thinking is only half the battle a necessary battle! But not sufficient for change.

National security is not a choice. It is a primary assumption and the first responsibility of statecraft. A country that uses its military power to threaten other nations and its economic power to pervert free trade and steal technologies, will not think twice before using its technological influence to advance its strategic ambitions and lust for territory.

Along the way, Williams checks in with past (they are not called patients or clients) on his cellphone. Several months ago, Rebound merged with the expansive Futures Recovery Healthcare System which, among other things, means more people seeking help. The facility, which is accredited by the state through Futures, provides help for substance abuse and mental health issues..