If you prepared something for a potluck, go retrieve your dish within a few days. If there was an employee lunch and you ate most of the free food, be a good person and start clearing out the leftovers. Everything is easier to clean if you nip it in the bud before it hits “the green zone”.

It was the first house that all seven of us loved, so it seemed like the one. There was a bidding war, so I took the advice of my real estate agent and changed my due diligence (DD) and earnest money (EM), as well as wrote a custom letter with pictures to the seller. And we won the bid!.

Happy Fifty first Birthday To Me I’ve Become InvisibleOn the morning of my fifty first birthday I stopped by the local convenience store to pick up a cup of coffee to keep me company on the hour long commute I had ahead of me. If I do say so myself, I was looking pretty spiffy, wearing a flattering suit I’d bought the day before and a pair of stylish heels that were surprisingly comfortable. I wasn’t focusing on them, exactly, it was more like gathering them together in a kind of mental warm up for hitting the floor running when I got to the office.

Grain currently delivers of meals per day in Singapore, its sole market, with eight figures in sales per year, he said. Last year, growth was 200 percent, Sung continued, and now is the time to look overseas. With Singha, the Grain CEO said the company has we need to launch in Bangkok.

American English, as America became a “melting pot”, integrating diverse immigrant groups, was also influenced by other cultures. Some of the differences between American and British English have to do with these differing linguistic influences. For example, New York had a lot of Dutch settlement in colonial times.

We ALL saw it. The passion that Mia had during that tournament poured out all over our television screens, increasing our respect for the resilient woman we now call The HBIC. In wrestling terms, Mia Yim was OVER.. Along with your child’s doctor and a mental health counselor, you can help your child figure out the right path. They may want to dress or wear their hair like the gender they identify with, maybe just at home at first. At some point, they may want you to call them by a different name and use different pronouns.

Some of the younger riders like to top their sportbikes out on the longer smooth surface concrete bridges over Florida waterways. There have been many fatalities in these speed contests. The cops know what’s going on. When I open my kitchen window a squirrel comes over to visit. It hears the noise of the window. I give it some cashew nuts.