We guarantee 2021 will be off the hook with live footage from a professional photo studio. It took a lot of building to create the dimension I wanted. I started using the lighter shades in my palette to build shape, and really fine tuned the cat like shape with various shades of purple and black.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands reopens the gates to the Land of Ooo for four hourlong specials, each focusing on a different set of characters, starting with an episode that sends the robotic BMO into space. (Fans should probably take the “Distant Lands” subtitle seriously.)(Disney+, June 12th)A big screen adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s novels about a boy genius has been in the works since 2001, only to hit one snag after another. When one finally did get made directed by Kenneth Branagh and featuring a cast that includes everyone from Judi Dench to Josh Gad the coronavirus made its proposed August release date look untenable.

To go incognito as a mild mannered reporter, Superman hid behind thick eyeglasses. Today TV Superman, actor Dean Cain, continues the disguise, only he wears glasses designed by Calvin Klein. The result? Some people beg opticians, me look like Clark Kent.

An NBA source told The Post that Stoute doesn’t have a say in those top level decisions. However, his recommendation is crystal clear regarding the coaching situation. At the time, the Knicks have yet to announce the hiring of CAA super agent Leon Rose as Mills replacement, though all expectations are he will be taking over.

How to Base FiguresUniform basing is key. With just a little effort, you can give cohesion to an entire army. Additionally, the dirt and grass colors on bases offer a great contrast with most uniform colors, especially drab WWI and WWII uniforms, that really make the figures pop.

“Since we’d bought nearly everything in the apartment together, all I took was the TV and told her to keep the rest. That included both cats. She offered me custody of Pockets, but I knew I couldn’t (1) split him up from Kevin, and (2) drag a skittish cat with me to a random Craigslist spot with two complete strangers for roommates.”.

Like many incidents of this nature, the exact account of what happened is a little fuzzy. Slocum said she was merely showing friends how the connected headset works when other bar patrons began hurling insults her way. One witness told local media she was “running around very excited,” which annoyed some of the people around her.

The Department of Public Utilities launched formal reviews of the utilities’ response to storms in September and November. Coakley’s office said it expects a decision on its recommendations soon, but would not be more specific. The idea is that customers suffer damages such as spoiled food in extended outages and should be reimbursed or receive credits on their bills..