Now that I’m the head chef of a restaurant (you all should come visit, by the way), I long to keep it simple and comforting at home. Enter: tater tot casserole, the cream soup based stuff of my wife’s childhood. Not knowing exactly what a proper tater tot casserole should even taste like, I turned to a from scratch recipe written by a Minnesota food blogger, who aptly calls hers “tater tot hotdish.”.

PJ: It had to hurt when they lost LeBron. That was definitely a slap in the face. But there were a lot of little things that came out of that. Finally, this one is so bad that you likely never heard of it at all. The Twitter Peek (2009) was a single purpose device that allowed you to do one thing: use Twitter. Priced at $200 or $100 depending on whether you opted for the monthly plan, the device allowed only a 20 character preview of tweets, meaning it tended to fail on doing the one thing it was designed to do.

Forward, if you want 8 per cent today in returns, you are going to struggle, says Mitch Reznick, co head of credit at Hermes Investment Management. Is harder to hit those kind of returns with zero interest rates. Adds that the days when a pension fund or insurance company could rely on government bonds, typically considered close to risk free, for returns, is in the past..

As the federal government’s warehouses were running bare and medical workers improvised their own safety gear, Hendricks found his offer stalled. Many of the volunteers were told to prioritize tips from political allies and associates of President Donald Trump, tracked on a spreadsheet called “VIP Update,” according to documents and emails obtained by The New York Times. Among them were leads from Republican members of Congress, Trump youth activist Charlie Kirk and a former “Apprentice” contestant who serves as the campaign chair of Women for Trump..

There was just a tiny sip of Coke left but the llama tried to nurse every drop as Jonice Gaines, daughter of TSgt Johnny Gaines, laughs as she holds the can. The Joint Base Langley Eustis 1st and 192d Fighter Wings hosted a celebration to honor their redeployed service members Nov. 6 at Langley Air Force Base.

It’s not outright lying per se, it’s more like just not providing all the information in its entirety. Most if not all of the Darlie support sites are good at using the cherry picking tactic when extracting testimonial quotes from the Darlie Routier case court transcripts. They’ll quote a question and answer from witness testimony that relates to their point, but won’t print all that followed in that testimony during a prosecutorial line of questioning.