Just keep in mind that, for all search dogs, the search is a game. It’s fun. They’re having a good time out there. “We were shouting at people in their cars to ring for an ambulance. It was all a bit of a blur. I was trying to comfort everyone while Craig got everyone off.”Six ambulance crews rushed to the scene before a further four were requested to help treat injured the passengers, two of which suffered life challenging injuries..

I felt so honored, but nothing made me feel more honored than what happened a week later. My grandmother called me on the phone and the first thing she said was “Tell me how you make those collard greens” I nearly hit the floor. The queen, no GOD, of southern, soul food cooking was asking little ol me for my recipe?! PRICELESS!! I can now die a happy, accomplished cook..

The foods should be served with the minimum of spices and sugar, which can prolong diarrhea. You should not begin to eat the yogurt until the stomach has begin to calm, as taking in dairy too early can worsen diarrhea. However, the yogurt is very important as it contains live cultures that help the stomach to replace good bacteria that has been lost during the illness.4 years ago.

Amazfit T Rex price specificationsThe Amazfit T Rex features a 1.3 inch (360×360 pixels) AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It comes with an optical heart rate sensor (PPG), 3 axis accelerator, geomagnetic sensor, and ambient light sensor onboard. For connectivity, the Amazfit T Rex uses Bluetooth v5.0 and also has GPS + GLONASS.

The arguments came first of all from the ancient Israelites, who revealed a God incompatible with the sacralization of a human ruler. The foundational story of the Israelites is, of course, that of a small, originally nomadic, then enslaved, people, escaping from and them inflicting a devastating defeat upon, the mightiest empire in the world. The exodus has nourished liberatory and egalitarian narratives ever since.

“We gave the artists creative freedom to bring to life the themes of the Report Card,” Ryan Ness, Senior Manager, Watershed Strategies, TRCA, said. “We’ve been really impressed with their ability to understand these complex issues and to convey their importance in a personal, human way through their art. The marriage of art with science and policy really advances the understanding that we need to act, and act collaboratively in the GTA as a unified urban region, when it comes to our environment’s health and move towards sustainability.”.