Since there was obviously not a parking spot, legal or otherwise, in the middle of the day, I called the vet’s office from outside and asked them to bring Madelaine to me. A kindly woman emerged a few minutes later (just enough time for me to field another call from Miranda, this one asking why I wasn’t back at the office yet) with a whimpering, sniffling puppy. The woman showed me Madelaine’s stitched up belly and told me to drive very, very carefully because the dog was “experiencing some discomfort.” Right, lady.

OK, so like most of the famous Simpsons predictions, it isn’t exactly a prediction of 2020, but it is pretty damn close. Hibbert for a cure for a disease, but the doctor tells them bedrest is all he can prescribe. And despite the Gilead drug Remdesivir getting FDA approval to help treat COVID 19 patients, Hibbert’s proclamation that there is no cure sure sounds a lot like coronavirus..

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Also, all of this comes at a price; OLED TVs are among the most expensive in the market today. Premium series such as the Sony A9G and LG C9 will set you back by huge amounts, and even the most affordable OLED televisions cost just under Rs. 1,00,000.

There are pundits that say the commercial real estate market is the next segment of the market to experience a huge downturn. If you a value investor, you might consider now the right time to enter into the real estate market. Real estate has certainly experienced a significant downturn, thus you think you buying a property on sale at a severely discounted price.

MH: It was a really big test of patience. I come from a very traditional background, so I understand how much work goes into a two minute scene on TV and whatnot. I guess the biggest lesson in patience was not being able to show it for so long because we are so used to putting up an Instagram photo of us shooting a video and that video going up as quickly as the next day.