I am not doing any Sabbatical right now, but I am currently soul searching. I been working as a fullstack dev for more about 5 years. I do have CS background, and think myself as quite a decent programmer. It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted in my life, and it’s gratifying to accomplish that. And then, oftentimes when you reach a goal or you accomplish something that you’d set out to do, it fails to deliver on an emotional level. I’ve experienced it so many times in life where I hit a bar that I wanted to hit, and it doesn’t feel the way I’d hoped you know? Is that all there is? and all that stuff..

If you already own a Kindle e reader, you probably don’t need a new one. But if yours is breaking down or you want one that’s 10 percent thinner, 10 percent lighter, and has a 10 percent brighter screen, and is waterproof, Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite is the only e reader to even consider. The new e reader also integrates with Audible and has Bluetooth to connect to a wireless speaker.

Stein pointed out that the Suns may have accepted they’re not going to land solid enough talent in any Nash trade, and in the interim will just let the onetime Kid Canada play out the string in what has been his NBA home for 10 of the last 16 years. It’s a wise move on Phoenix’s part if Nash won’t ask for a trade, they won’t force one for pieces they don’t want. And quite frankly, next summer, they’ll only lose a 38 year old..

To play Ally, she strips herself of all artifice. There’s nothing to hide behind. And while Jackson shrinks from the spotlight, she inhales it like oxygen. Approximately 500 people have attended in the past, but we have room to grow. On Library Mall. Several multicultural groups from campus will perform.

A few pictures processed later and amazing views pop out when you least expect them! Long exposures can turn waterfall pictures into art! I battled the rocks and trees to set up my tripod and take 5 exposures with my cable release. I was sitting on a tree stump when I took this shot. I find that using f/22 on my HDR gives the water nice fluid motion.

At 12.34pm Olympic passed Calshot Spit buoy and then three minutes later, she passed North Thorn buoy. By this time her speed was down to 12 knots. The next buoy, Thorn Knoll, marked the most complicated part of the vessel’s turn. But MLB is NOT the same. These guys are getting paid obscene amounts of money and far too many of them have spent that money on performance enhancing drugs. They athletes who are competing on their own merits and abilities should have the cojones to pressure their player reps to crack down on this travesty and hijacking of their sport once and for all, but man the money in MLB just turns most of them into prostitutes for the league.