Five men were shot two fatally in separate incidents in Baltimore’s Waverly, Central Park Heights, Mt. Holly and Dunbar Broadway neighborhoods Tuesday night and Wednesday, police said. Tuesday for a report of a walk in shooting victim, police said in a release posted to Facebook.

When you’re looking for a good car vacuum cleaner, you’ll need to decide what features are more important to you because few vacuums do everything but this one comes close. It’s lightweight, cordless, and compact, making it easy to use as you maneuver about the car. The suction is decent and, best of all, it features a long hose that allows you to really get any dirt and grime that falls into seat crevices.

This is what’s known as a coincidence, but it’s not a surprising one. In this case bullet enters brain, the person whose brain it is dies it’s also direct cause and effect. But there are a few other coincidences, of the more eerie kind, tangled up in the violent history of Clyde Barrow and his paramour and crime partner Bonnie Parker.

Has been immense the last two, three weeks, coach Adrian Heath said. Top goalkeepers always save you when they need to with the big save, in the crucial moment. United 38 points in MLS this season (11 7 5 overall, 4 6 1 on the road) are two more than it reached in each of its first two seasons.

Someone I knew had their life turned upside down, and in turn, mine was flipped as well. Read more. “The whole experience transformed me,” Allen says. He no longer believed that the criminal justice system is a level playing field; he had been convinced that it is stacked for the state, that jurors are easily swayed by emotion, and that innocent people can be convicted. “That converted me from a skeptical juror to The Skeptical Juror,” he says.

If you love the Disney film Miracle and you can’t get enough of the underdog USA hockey team beating the Soviets in the 1980 Winter Olympics, we’ve got a game changer for you. This story has all the Miracle magic, plus a lot more smoochin’, and the Minnesotan dial is turned up to 11. Rather than spend her senior year all alone in Boston, she enrolls at the University of Minnesota while her brother and her puck slinging friends are going through Olympic training in Minneapolis..

In short, for a good hard working white Christian, it was supposedly a good deal. This premise rests on a mistaken belief in what an indentured servant would receive in his agreement. This misperception has been continually spewed even from scholarly resources.