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The Cake itself is not that hard to make and is usually topped by different sweet spices like cinnamon, coconut sprinkles or walnuts. Sugar is caramelised on the surface of the pastry and then it is rolled into one of the above mentioned toppings. This way the whole Chimney Cake has a sweet and crispy surface and a very soft, almost creamy interior..

Push and pull, and JIT, models apply in intelligence as well, but are not always recognized as such. Logistical models, however, are simpler than certain cases of intelligence. Where the logistic model commands in one direction and receives in the other, some, but not all, forms of intelligence are interactive.

You are trapped at the bottom of the ocean in a sunken ship, flailing around in desperation.” In response, the dancers lift, hurl, and scurry over one another, interspersing their frenetic maneuvers with flashes of ballet. It’s an unsettling (and fascinating) amalgam of styles like watching a classical pas de deux being invaded by Marine training maneuvers. While the shipwreck story is never literally told, the four performers (Thorson, Johnson, Penelope Freeh, and Mary Ann Bradley) clearly coexist in an extreme environment where they are usually either lurching out of control or obsessively manipulating one another in inventive feats of acrobatic partnering..

There were also the pterosaurs, flying reptiles that were represented by the small and delicate Peteinosaurus, and the crocodilians represented by the fearsome predator Postosuchus. In the sea meanwhile, the reptiles were also making their mark, producing gigantic ichthyosaurs.The end of the Triassic is marked by another mass extinction event that affected life both on land and in the oceans, but fortunately was nowhere near the sort of the scale of the Permian. The exact cause is unknown; it was once thought an asteroid might have been the catalyst.

It also dries up the venture capital new companies need to develop the next great inventions and bring them to market, he told lawmakers. Firms are well aware of the kill zone that surrounds startups that pass within striking distance of the dominant platforms they stay away from those investments. Course, it not just venture capitalists that are wary of the startup kill zone, a snappy way of saying that the world biggest tech firms are so dominant they can easily crush the competition with predatory tactics, or simply avoid the hassle by buying up any potential threats before they get big enough to become a full fledged challenger.The canonical example of a kill zone is Facebook Inc.