“I think [Lloyd and Stewart] would be very complementary of each other,” Boucek said. “Jewell had a really steep learning curve this year and really started to hit her stride late. We’re really excited about her potential. On his first day of practice: “I’m coming here with my hard hat on and having me two sandwiches.” On being named captain: “I’m like a toll booth. Sooner or later, you have to come to me.” On his candid nature: “The only time I bit my tongue was when I was a kid and fell off my bike. It hurt, so I never did it again.” Some of his comments after the franchise worst, 53 point loss to Minnesota in November that led to his $50,000 fine: “If we’re not trying to win or get to the playoffs, we might as well just play young guys and sit everybody else on the bench and get blown out by 50 every night.

An artist who goes by Zare swept up pieces of its front door. He said he was out late Wednesday to witness the rioting, which he saw as a natural extension of the hopelessness Minneapolitans felt to effect change or live freely. Zare said it didn’t make sense to him that protesters would hit minority own businesses..

It’s like we reserve fancy, fluffy pillows for hotel beds and are fine with sleeping on shitty pillows at home. Flat? Lumpy? Absolutely no neck support or malleability? Questionable stains? That’s just how it is or is it? I think the Original Casper Pillow is luxurious enough to change anyone’s mind, even people who wouldn’t dare to splurge on bedding in the past. Also, it’s less than $100 and 100% machine washable..

Orlando awaits on the Atlanta Hawks 6th Man road trip, and if the morning hour on a Saturday seems too early to get hype, one fan agreed, telling me not 9 yet. I good after 9. When the camera turned on, the 48 faithful were feeling it, a GO HAWKS! cheer ringing through the bus as we left Philips Arena..

He wasn’t there, but his wife was. She didn’t let them in, but felt sorry for Bonnie, who looked terrible. They were on their way after a gift of canned goods, sheets and medical supplies. They have completed the work to digitize the files and index the content. Audio and video files will be made available at the Archive of the UCLA Library System. Abstracts and highlights of select footage have been selected and edited, and are being posted on the Web Portal, Explore IM as soon as it is complete so that they are accessible to the public at large..

The production has great comic foils in a dorky couple played by waitress Dawn (Lenne Klingaman) and her internet date Ogie (Jeremy Morse). The two are totally convincing as oddball Revolutionary War re enactors who fall in love. Klingaman is a cinch for the bookish, quirky type who never been on a date..