Witty narratives and dialogues, unique storylines, and entertaining subplots make it fun for the rest of us to experience Pen’s dangers vicariously. The book’s characters seempretty three dimensional right from the start, but at the end of the book we want to know more. This is reminiscent of the ongoing character study of Kinsey Milhone through the Grafton alphabet murder books, and Pen’s favorite possession is indeed A is for Alibi.

Baker also had two bottles of cocaine in his possession, and Mitch Mitchell, Hendrix drummer, suggested they track down Jimi and get high. Hendrix and Baker had grown close and planned to record together. Mitchell and Baker spent the night searching in vain for Hendrix all over town; then, tired and out of heroin, Baker injected the coke and suffered one of his near fatal overdoses.

Our pool is green right now. Hubby tells the grands we’re raising alligators in it. We don’t cover it in the winter. This week’s Trump o meter reads SAD, the lowest score, because Trump is harnessing federal power to attack a private sector company for personal reasons and doing nothing else productive. His Minneapolis provocations aren’t an economic issue, but leadership is, and he’s not showing any. He wants to deflect attention from the coronavirus and unemployment crises by picking fights on other issues and hoping that dominates the news.

This is an “Honors in the Major” course; a grade of B or higher in 6 units of 499H certifies the designation of “Honors in the Major” to be printed on the transcript and the diploma. Each 3 unit course will require both formal written and oral presentations. 9 hours supervision.

So far along in the class, the lectures have cover a wide variety of grounds, taking the particular perspective from the art to look at current advances in medicine, technologies, and genes. The two culture lecture focuses on the necessity to reconnect the dichotomies of art and science disciplines and emphasize the not so obvious parallels between the two. The topic compels me to step out of my South campus perspective to scrutinize this latent connection and rethink the commonly stereotyped divide between art and science.

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