I actually can kiss you here, it not safe. It was a scary realization. People were openly staring. As if on cue, this is where Phil Jackson appeared to comfort Oakley. Blaming Jackson for Oakley’s outburst is silly, but it is a reflection of what Jeff Hornacek spoke about the other day, how every day you just sit around, waiting for something nutty to reveal itself at the Garden. And something always does..

The biggest message that I want to get out to people is through this disaster, try to find something that you were supposed to be paying more attention to and really focus your attention on that. Because we have nothing but time. What else are you doing? is still physically training for the day when the CFL calls the players back for training camps if that happens at all in 2020 but he also working on his other craft..

At this point we both realized that we grossly underestimated how intense this experience was going to be and we decided to leave the beach to go home and ride it out. We both stood up and then promptly fell over. This happened several times as we tried to make our way back to the car (Oh FUCK I have to DRIVE!?).

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known for his calm captaincy. Dhoni is fondly referred to as cool The India wicketkeeper batsman has led India to three ICC titles the T20I World Cup in 2007, the ODI World Cup in 2011 and the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013. Dhoni has also led Chennai Super Kings as captain to three Indian Premier League titles.

The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation is an independent, charitable foundation dedicated to creating and enhancing the green spaces and recreational areas that make our city more livable. The foundation works in partnership with the City of Toronto and other groups in order to achieve these goals.With 25 percent of the waterfront revitalization area reserved for high quality parks and public spaces, Waterfront Toronto has made it a priority to incorporate best practices for healthy trees into all of their work. Together, Waterfront Toronto and the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation share a vision and a commitment to waterfront revitalization that builds upon Toronto’s great tradition of parks.”We are excited to do our part to help Waterfront Toronto create great parks that will enhance natural habitat and provide more opportunities for families to visit and explore our waterfront,” said Andrew Sorbara, Chair of Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.

Here is the brochure from the World Trade Center thanks to my scanner. Click each image for a larger view. Even after 10 years is still very emotional to see. We did similar lists for old school restaurants and old school pizzerias, and the same standards apply here. This is not a list of the state best diners for food, but its best old school diners. Again, it more about look, atmosphere, tradition and history.