Six year old Grab has raised more than $1.4 billion from investors, according to Crunchbase, and was valued at $3 billion following its most recent $750 million Series F round. It claims to have more than 710,000 drivers across 39 cities in Southeast Asia, with more than 36 million downloads of its mobile app. While it is only operational in Southeast Asia, its global presence spans R locations in Seattle and Beijing, while it is planning to create an office in India where it will develop its mobile payment platform..

3. If The Resurrection of Lazarus was not written by a Frenchman, it is more likely it was written by some unknown Scandinavian composer. Come to think of it, The Resurrection of Lazarus is really known only by Christine and Raoul, and this because they heard it played by Daddy Daa.

Attorney general will review night of violent protestsNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed the protests that roiled the nation overnight in response to the death of George Floyd during his daily briefing about the state response to the coronavirus pandemic. Cuomo noted the virus was ravaging predominantly minority communities, and connected health inequities to the nationwide protests. Cuomo commented on the death of Floyd, an unarmed black man killed in police company, as well as other black Americans killed by police officers.

Object is to put the ball in that orange ring, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. What we are all trying to do. Play a little D at the other end. I wanted to be a Knick. It was just I had to have a surgery again. I had to prep myself for a rehab again.

Fourteen men were executed in Kilmainham Jail in Dublin including the leaders of the Easter Rising. Patrick Pearse was one of those leaders and was shot dead by firing squad. His brother Willie Pearse was executed because he was the brother of Patrick Pearse..

InstructionsToast the slice of farmhouse bread on one side only. Slice the tomato and lay on the untoasted side, followed by the onion, split in to rings. Slice the cheese and cut to the required sizes to cover the onion and tomato and toast under a very hot grill until the cheese is melted and bubbling.

Other Extraordinary and Remarkable Ways to Use Beer > Put Out a Fire. If a fire extinguisher is not available, grab a can or a bottle of beer and. Simply shake and spritz. To see the entire community share in those values and traditions, all with a shared base of knowledge and experience, is a fantasy of mine. And for a brief time, when watching The Wicker Man, I can dream about it. I wish I grew up on a Summerisle (again, minus the murder).