Was Jesus Married?Any historian will tell you that back in the days of Jesus every man and woman were ‘engaged’ to each other by or around the age of fifteen. At this time Jesus would have been only a young man, many years away from his teaching and disciples. He would not have brought shame on his family by dismissing a major part of local life..

That 40 second performance would lead to a show trial and 2 years in Russian labour camps. In which she continued to protest using her notoriety and status as a political prisoner to highlight the brutal conditions in which prisoners were held, the ways in which their human rights are systematically abused. In prison she became more of an embarrassment to the regime than out of it and eventually Putin signed her amnesty part of a face saving exercise ahead of the Sochi Olympic Games..

The Fawley Tunnel was dug manually and there were at least two fatalies during its construction (both at the West Shaft and airlock area). If a tunnel was now constructed from Haslar to Ryde (or nearby) on the section shown then the problems of the Fawley Tunnel would have to be dealt with by new methods. The deeper water of the Solent means that the tunnel would have to be lower and, if dug under compressed air, the pressure would presumably be higher.

Tributes were left outside the house in Tennessee where police found a child buried: WVLT newsA Tennessee couple have been charged with multiple crimes after an investigation uncovered the skeletal remains of their daughter in the back yard of their home.Michael Anthony Gray Sr., aged 63, and Shirley Ann Gray, aged 60, were charged on Monday with multiple crimes including child abuse, child neglect, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse.Investigators say the couple had confined their daughter to a basement with nothing but bread and water for months, before her death in 2017.The child’s body, which appeared to have been buried behind the property, was located on Saturday.According to WVLT News, the couple are also accused of abusing their three other children.”The house was filled with urine smell, faeces throughout the house, partially flooded basement,” said the Roane County court on Monday.Investigators searched the address over the weekend after someone told police that the youngest child was walking alone near the family home.Detectives then arrived at the house to investigate.The couple also admitted that the children had not received medical or dental attention for at least six years prior to the investigation. District Judge Emmet Sullivan should be allowed to review all the facts before deciding whether to grant a Justice Department request to drop the criminal case against President Donald Trump former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The couple were subsequently detained and Ashrafi was turned over to the custody of her family after her father appeared forgiving, IRNA reported, citing a local judicial official in Gilan province where Talesh is located.The Daily BeastTucker Carlson: Minnesota Protests Over Police Killing a ‘Form of Tyranny’Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemned the protests that have broken out in Minneapolis following the killing of George Floyd by police, claiming on Wednesday night that they are a “form of tyranny” and “oppression.”With demonstrations growing violent and chaotic as protesters have clashed with riot gear clad police who have cracked down on the protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets Carlson devoted most of his attention to the actions of the demonstrators, who are protesting the death of a black man who was pinned down by a cop.”So we know that George Floyd died in police custody, and when an investigation is done we will do a lot more,” the conservative primetime host declared “It’s possible that at least one police officer will be charged in the case.