Hall of Fame in anything is Hall of Fame in my book.”West, 68, was inducted in 2005 into the International Candlepin Bowling Association Hall of Fame. “I considered myself the Sandy Koufax of candlepin,” West said. “I had a brief career and quit was when I was very young, about 22, and burnt out.

If you have a candy thermometer, insert it and continue to boil until the candy reaches three hundred to three hundred and ten degrees. This is the hard crack stage which is about twenty minutes. If you do not have a thermometer, you can still tell when the candy has reached this temperature by sticking a spoon in the candy and allowing the candy to drip back down into the pot.

Other Wildlife on Merritt IslandLike much of Florida, alligators were a common sight on Merritt Island. We would see them lying on the banks or in the shallow water of the marshes. Like many of the visitors to Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge from the more northern states, we were fascinated and very wary of the big creatures.

New technology has opened up the possibility for communication between people. The old options of phone, mail, and email are now eclipsed by things like instant messaging and social networking websites. This makes mobile phones themselves have the need to step up their options beyond their original purposes.

Whether they are worn to shield our eyes, strike a pose or conceal a hangover, sunglasses are big business. Most luxury brands license their production to one of four major companies: the northern Italian trio of Luxottica, Safilo and Marcolin, plus New York based Marchon. Luxottica even signed a deal with Google last month to design, develop and distribute Google Glass, the technology company interactive glasses, which will incorporate designs from Ray Ban and Oakley.

The Carolina Writing Spider Will Not Write Your Name In Its WebThere has long been a myth in the American south especially that some way the Carolina Writing Spider knows when your going to die and it will write your name in its web. You then of course die. And someone always knows someone who this happened to but you can never find a person who actually saw a name written in a web.

The best rule of thumb is to take on a female dog if you already have a male dog and vice versa. Male and female dogs are much less likely to cause fights than dogs of the same gender. Dogs that have been spayed or neutered are also less likely to cause problems.

Iv either been really lucky and I land all the unracist white people or my bubble extends further than the parameters I personally set for myself and I maybe manually or subconsciously block out people who come across as racist. I cant be objective about this. My beliefs so far are pretty strong.