Impact: Bjelica had been a standout fantasy performer for about a month long stretch earlier in the season, when Marvin Bagley missed time or was limited by a sore left foot, but the 31 year old hasn been quite as good since Bagley aggravated the injury Jan. 20. Though Bjelica remains locked in as the Kings clear top option at power forward, he was averaging just 7.5 points and 5.5 boards in the first four games of March before coming through with the double double Sunday.

Back at the Entry for the second time since September, Los Angeles via Seattle band La Luz, led by Shana Cleveland, stand as one of the more unusual groups in the realm of modern surf rock. Their jangly chord progressions and bright girl group harmonies are distinctly balanced by dark lyrics and shadowy instrumental passages. It’s a set of sounds they seemingly mastered out of the gate, immediately impressing with debut EP Damp Face, and standout songs like “Sure as Spring” (which later opened their debut album, 2013’s It’s Alive).

The run up to the summit has revealed essential differences in approach between the principals. President Barack Obama and Brown both favor driving on fiscal stimulus, even if the governor of the Bank of England is cautioning his prime minister he can’t afford to throw any more money at the problem. Obama, Brown together before the G 20 summit > Brown and Obama have limited room for maneuver since both their countries have such hefty current account and budget deficits..

“But I’m thinking, like, she’s a big time lawyer, she’s very good looking, she’s world famous, she’s done ’60 Minutes.’ I figured she’s probably dating other State Street lawyers. I’m not in that world. So I’m thinking to myself, ‘Don’t embarrass yourself.

A few years ago, I administered a pilot program that integrated social studies and theater art in a Harrisburg elementary classroom. In a preprogram survey, I was shocked to discover that only a handful of children had visited the state Capitol. That statistic saddened me because the Capitol dome was visible from the school’s front door.

Prop. 5 was the third attempt by advocates here to outlaw discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender people since the city’s charter took effect in 1975, but Tuesday was the first time the issue had been voted on in a municipal election, according to supporters from the One Anchorage campaign. The Anchorage Equal Rights Ordinance would have amended Anchorage’s Title 5 non discrimination code.