That being said, $1,500 is still a hefty chunk of change for a pair of glasses, even if it does include a computer. Analyst firm IHS technology recently estimated that the cost to make Glass is only about $150. The significant mark up is to pay for engineering, design, and research needed to invent the device in the first place, as well as marketing..

Benson’s for Beds, comes the “Mattress Dominoes World Record Attempt” video, which has racked up around 700,000 views. In the video, which is a lengthy single shot with no cuts, Benson’s employees form a human and mattress dominoes chain that extends throughout their entire warehouse. The video is playful, has a humorous ending, and makes Benson’s for Beds seem like a great place to work just the kind of place you’d feel good about spending money with as a consumer..

The threat came in the form of two tweets. “Republicans feel that Social Media Platforms totally silence conservatives voices,” wrote Trump, who as of Wednesday morning had a total of 48,811 tweets and retweets posted on his Twitter account.Yahoo NewsHere are the likely contenders on Biden vice president shortlistDuring the early stages of the campaign, Harris was questioned on whether she was open to being Biden vice president a question she often suggested should be asked of Biden too. Suffice it to say, Harris has been answering questions about her place in a potential Biden administration longer than many other contenders as an early favorite; some have taken to national publications to push their pick to the top of the list.

Some of the things that HN users do are hugely driven by fashion (in the sense of following ideas before they proven) rather than empirical evidence entrepreneurship has fads (lean startup, startup canvas, social businesses, moonshots, etc), software development flits from one methodology to another (agile dev, functional dev, etc). They fashions that are trying to improve things rather than merely looking different, but that doesn mean they not fashionable. I would probably use it even without the rewards program, now.

27 April 2020, Bavaria, Regensburg: A man with a mouth guard stands in front of an open flower shop. Shops with a sales area of up to 800 square metres are allowed to open again if they can present a hygiene concept. Photo: Armin Weigel/dpa (Photo by Armin Weigel/picture alliance via Getty Images)BERLIN (AP) A German court has convicted an American born dentist of strangling her British husband, whose body was found in a Czech wood with its teeth removed to hinder identification..