How many transactions per second should this micro service support? Better pull out that Poisson distribution. What cache size do I need? Better grab a zipf distribution, some sample data, and R. Which to be honest is still probably not enough.. Vivo has listed its latest pair of true wireless earphones on its official site, which means that the Vivo TWS Neo true wireless earphones could be announced soon. The earphones have been reported on previously, but the new listing includes detailed renders of the earphones, along with some specifications. Although only a placeholder price is listed for now, the earphones are expected to be priced at around CNY 999 (approximately Rs.

But I loved making the soup, and I felt excited to share it, and I want the people looking at it to be excited too. According to Dr. Allison Forti, an assistant professor of counseling at Wake Forest University, the tendency to watch our own fleeting content can be partially explained by a psychological concept called the “looking glass self,” which posits that people’s sense of self is rooted partially in how they feel they’re perceived by others..

Unfortunately, after the organizers of that event ended the protest, a smaller group of individuals abandoned this message of positive change. I am saddened that so many people and businesses were injured in the violence that ensued. While the emotions that fueled this vandalism may be justified, the actions that were taken and the harm that it has caused are simply unacceptable and did nothing to further the cause of progress..

He didn’t have much to say about what he himself would do as a US senator, other than claiming that he would be independent. Instead, he hammered Shaheen repeatedly for voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time. He also stoked fears about the Islamic State, about Ebola, and about US border security..

“If Cashman can get Cole for Frazier, Adams and Wade, that the heist of all heists,” the scout added. “If you Pittsburgh, you got to get more. But the Pirates in a tough spot. Among the many problems that they face, one is still the social taboo of being a woman in business. Even today, many people tend to underestimate the females in the business. While if that person is a colleague, you can prove him wrong in the long run.

Impact: After averaging 21.0 points on 63.6 percent shooting from the field the previous two games, Harrison unsurprisingly saw his offense take a step back, but he continued to shine defensively. Harrison has picked up five straight starts with wing players like Zach LaVine (quadriceps), Ryan Arcidiacono (Achilles), Chandler Hutchison (shoulder) and Kris Dunn (knee) all missing action of late, but only LaVine return will likely represent a major threat to Harrison fantasy utility in the near future. If LaVine remains out for Tuesday game against the Cavaliers, Harrison should again make for an appealing streaming option for defensive stats..