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The humdrum of life may make each day the same but there are certain things that I look forward to with renewed eagerness that form a mosaic of interesting visuals in my mind with indefinite appeal. Almost daily I see a short swarthy man sporting a ray ban (even when there is no sun), ripping a packet of some savoury item to feed pigeons, crows and maynas at a footpath. After he empties the pack, he brings his hands together in Namaste and faces the sun offering a silent prayer, some gratitude while the birds all around him peacefully enjoy the morning treat.

Floyd has been elevated into an icon. The mural that loomed over his casket the one that framed his face in a halo of flames and made him look otherworldly underscored that. In recent years, there have been many emblems of racial injustice. Wouldn you want twice the content at the same price? the existing HBO faithful, AT aspires to add another 2 million to 3 million Max subscribers a year. That will involve pitching the service to its 170 million customers, whom it interacts with 3.2 billion times a year at 5,500 retail locations. The company will offer new package deals that include HBO Max, will preinstall its app on phones, and otherwise get the service in front of as many faces as possible.

One lamented that Mixed metallic are in order to offer an look of size and shoe sizes. These woollen wonders are perfect for. The more famous move of Beas Lends its title to get the most recent vogue. They been to the playoffs the last 4 of 6 seasons. One season was his rookie year when he got hurt and played 6 games. The other was this past year.

Investigators are asking the public for help as they try to figure out who fatally shot a 35 year old scientist last Friday as he slept in a tent with his 2 and 4 year old daughters at a California state park. So far, there are no suspects in Tristan Beaudette’s murder, nor any known motive. The sheriff’s department said it’s also investigating three other shooting incidents over the past year at Malibu Creek State Park, though investigators so far see no link to Beaudette’s death..

Maybe Gamestop comes up with some innovative way to transform their business. Maybe Elon or Bezos get tired of space and decide to pull Gamestop from the ashes and create some sort of a gaming mega giant like the world has never seen. Maybe Gamestop is dead in a year.

He threw for 373 yards and three touchdowns. The game also introduced the world to “Philly Special” as Foles also caught a TD pass. Brady may have ended up on the losing end, but he still threw for a Super Bowl record 505 yards in a game where the Patriots never punted.

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