There are some extenuating circumstances when guys are late, but for the most part it poor planning. Van Gundy wasn alerted to any problem until he read a report that claimed Sprewell arrived 15 minutes before tipoff. While he knew that report was exaggerated since Sprewell was there by the team meeting, Van Gundy did his own investigation..

A trial is set to begin Aug. 4. Tiffany Hayes of Atlanta was named the Eastern Conference player of the month for the first time in her six year WNBA career after leading the Dream to a 4 1 May record while averaging a league high 19.8 points (tied with Washington’s Elena Delle Donne). Hayes, 27, has been an increasingly productive player in her six seasons with the Dream, increasing her scoring average every year. A two time first team All Big East player and two time national champion at UConn, she was the 14th overall draft pick in 2012..

He maintains that it’s all in an effort to build a brand for the women so that they can create money making opportunities for themselves going forward. And although he sees virtual strip clubs as a lucrative and safe future of the industry, he doesn’t anticipate much competition to what he has created. “I feel like I’ve separated myself,” he says of Demon Time..

For Jane, the Saturn/ Uranus conflict of energies we mentioned earlier does begin to explain things: they are conjunct each other in the 1st in Taurus, giving us a picture of wholly disparate inclinations the rules v. Rebellion, individuality v. These two also sit conjunct Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun, making for a complex that shows a powerful (Pluto) need tocommunicate (Mercury)the Soul (Sun) intents materially (Taurus) suggests that Jane very deliberately chose the messages she sent was nothing accidental about herpath or her behavior..

This is fairly common in the creative world. Koons had a staff of something like 120 artists who paint and make him a art (which then sells for up to 91 million dollars). Thomas Kincaid, who pretty garbage, also ran what amounted to a paint by number factory.

Could this figure be the personification of the Roman army? It is a strong possibility, but given the abundance of specific representations surrounding the figure (Phraates IV, Apollo, Diana, the sun god Sol and the moon goddess Luna), why would this figure be an exception? For various reasons, I believe the figure to be that of Tiberius. There is a strong possibility that the event depicted on the cuirass, that of Phraates handing the standard to Tiberius, literally happened. Tiberius, at the age of twenty one, was given the responsibility of disposing of the current king of Armenia and replacing him with another.