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The fit of the frames to my face was very good and snug ? no danger of this piece of hardware falling of while traveling 25 miles per hour on a bike or even in your convertible. Adjustments of the ear bud speakers for optimal placement in my ear was also not a problem. I?m used to cruising and working out with earbuds from an iPod or CD player, so this was nothing new.

I retired from the State Department in 1999. I have been a private citizen for five years. I’m an adjunct professor now. 3,100), and Oppo Watch priced at CNY 2,199 (roughly Rs. 23,200). The entire line up of EVA series will go on sale on June 1 via online and offline channels in China..

Kodak was gigantic in the days of film photography, but they struggled to make the leap to the digital age. In an attempt to stay relevant, they created the Kodak Ektra, which promised DSLR quality photography in the slim body of a smartphone. It even tried to look like a hipster’s dream, with a faux leather finish and a fake lens frame attached.

A: That’s not what you want to be remembered for. It’s our era. Those early teams were all special to the town because it was the first real big success. In general, I try to advance human rights for LGBTQ people in Iran. It’s a long term goal. The ultimate goal is to decriminalize homosexuality.

Photo: Graham TidySky proves the limit for CarolineCanberra BMX star Caroline Buchanan is riding high after the biggest year of her career. But Cycling Australia’s athlete of the year’s hunt for more adrenaline was ruined by weather on Saturday morning.Just hours after becoming the youngest winner of Cycling Australia’s highest prize the Sir Hubert ‘Oppy’ Opperman Medal Trophy as the Australian cyclist of the year Buchanan planned a skydive. Melbourne’s notorious bad weather and rain meant she missed her chance and the adrenaline junkie had to settle for a quiet morning.Basketballer James Crawford.