The movie is the project of comedian, Jeff Garlin. Garlin wrote the movie as well as starring and directing. He states it is a largely improvised movie which follows the story of a famous comedian who decides to get to know the coaches and parents of his son’s little league baseball team.

Instead of going to a restaurant for Father’s Day, why not grill up a home cooked meal with dad? Save on aMorrison’sfood box and have freshmeat and groceries delivered conveniently to your door. If you enjoy being active with your dad you can still do so while practising social distancing in your community. Why not go for a bike ride together in your neighbourhood? If dad has a green thumb, spend the afternoon together in the garden..

The first course is always kutia. It is the main dish of the whole supper. Then comes borshch (beet soup) with vushka (boiled dumplings filled with chopped mushrooms and onions). For the firearms enthusiast it doesn get much better than this. There is display case after display case of guns. Two floors of exhibits, 1,500 firearms upstairs and 1,200 downstairs, will keep those who have an interest occupied for a long time.

Here in a hospital that attracted the riskiest pregnancies, the ones that ended with the expulsion of a half dead baby, there was no rest for a person afflicted with a delivery pager. Jemma rose and leaned against the glass, closing her eyes and imagining that the little creature in her high tech bassinet was wheeling away at a thousand miles an hour, on her way to Heaven instead of a hell of needles and tubes. When the lightning flashed again in the sky she opened her eyes and saw how the rain was falling in sheets.

Yes, Media artistic director attempted to keep me from reviewing his production of . He then took time during his opening night curtain call to say, “There is a critic here who will probably trash this show.” (He was right, but not for the reasons he elaborated. He thinks I hate melodrama; I don’t.

He may have the largest heart and sense at a time when it matters most The passing of Marv Luster got me thinking: Who is the greatest Argo player I ever seen? I never saw Dick Shatto or Joe Krol or Royal Copeland. Luster, who was part defensive back, part linebacker, and a hitter like no one before or after, was sensational as an Argo. Pinball Clemons was great.

A Picasso: Next March Hudson revives his award winning 2013 Fringe production of Jeffrey Hatcher’s A Picasso, a taut little zinger that pits the great Pablo against a cool eyed attach of the German ministry of culture in 1941. Julien Arnold returns as the passionate, opinionated, larger than life creator of Guernica. His tricky opponent is Alana Hawley, whose performance this past season in the Citadel’s Venus in Fur garnered her a best actress Sterling nomination this week..