Be civil, no personal attacks, no flaming. We may attack ideas (politely) but we do no attack the speaker of the idea. Be careful with your words, there is a point where being direct crosses a line into blunt, in your face hostility. They passed onto the deck where the carboys those glass incubation jugs they’d hauled from Fairbanks would be set up, and up the stairs to the pilothouse where Captain Billy refilled Ray’s coffee cup with an earth friendly blend. It was already afternoon in New York, and a Mets game was playing on the radio. Billy showed Aurora the GPS and the depth finder and then the paper charts that marked their course straight out from the mainland to the edge of the continental shelf.

Understanding the environment gives one the ability to predict what may occur in unexpected circumstances. People will share their opinions with others to try to get a consensus as they struggle to make sense of the world around them. Groups function better when members can understand what is going on, have similar knowledge, and members can work together more effectively if the group meaning is established even if it is not accurate.

The ultimate price of blind and foolish arrogance. Dr Wu was given the task of preparing the conference which would last one month. A total of 11 nations attended. Blackmore may appreciate her achievement is not a qualified one, but she “grab a females allowance with both hands”. Kate Harrington backs it too. Perhaps, just like the men, they want winners at any cost, but it would surely send the wrong message, whatever the intention: you a girl so you not as good..

Nearly a month after the first skirmishes on the LAC between Indian and Chinese soldiers were reported, the situation on the ground still appears to be tense. While there has been no official explanation of what has happened there since May 5, the day the first clash at Pangong Tso (lake) was reported, there is enough information to conclude that this is the most serious such standoff India and China have seen in years. As reported by The Hindu, sources say that the number of Chinese soldiers, the aggression with which they have dealt with Indian soldiers, as well as the number of points of conflict, indicate strategised action by Chinese commanders.

It would have been easy for an envoy facing a multitude of problems to be diverted into the politics surrounding the future government and economy of the country. Pressures on him to do so must have been intense. Oakley saw the nation’s reconstruction as the responsibility of the Somalis and, with refreshing candor, often said s o..