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Led by the youngest sibling, Lindsay, the surviving Galvins opened up their family history to Kolker and also gave him access to medical records. The records included contemporaneous interviews with the brothers and other family members about the symptoms and incidents of their illness but also details of everyday life, which Kolker mined to create a vivid and tactile picture of the bustling Galvin home and its sudden tragic turn after the eldest, Don, was stricken. It’s novelistic in both emotional and physical detail..

Hang around with the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs long enough and you want to hang around just a little bit longer. There’s something about him that is tremendously engaging. You want to be his friend. To do that from a holistic point of view, you have to spend several minutes a day actively engaging a kitten mind and body. Play about twenty minutes at a time, at least twice a day, and use different toys to get your kitten to play and be engaged in the activity. This is the bonding moment between you and your kitten.

The technical expertise that politicians relied on in the past to produce cost effective and environmentally sound solutions no longer provides sufficient justification to approve waste facilities. This paper presents findings from a research project that explored attitudes towards greater levels of public involvement in UK waste management decision making. The study addressed questions of perception, interests, the decision context, the means of engagement and the necessary resources and capacity for adopting a participatory decision process.

The handshake is pro forma. It’s not intimate or even particularly friendly. It’s a formality. Kimley Horn is a design consulting firm who helped the City prepare the South Capitol Transit Oriented Development District Planning Study. Kimley Horn is now working with the City to collect data and apply their parking demand modeling software called Park+ as a pilot in the Capitol East District. “Park+ is an interactive parking scenario planning model, integrated with ArcGIS that has the ability to evaluate existing parking supply and demands, identify and test new development and parking facilities, and apply parking management strategies.” The goal of this initiative is to help the City maintain a comprehensive parking inventory, to model changing parking behaviors, and to predict parking needs to better plan and provide for parking..

Speaking about her own love of fashion, Emily said: ‘I feel like fashion can be a wonderful celebration of yourself! Choosing what you want to wear on a given day is such an empowering, exciting feeling. I love playing dress up and I think we all need to remember that fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It should be fun!’.

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