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Room, a site that takes DJs from the bleeding edge of the UK underground and puts them on at an invite only secret location (Wolfson, 2011)Recently, Boiler Room has increasingly become commercially focused, presenting partnerships with brands such as car makersAudiand Fiatas well as companies likeRay BanandGoProby curating live streamed shows with heavily branded content throughout. These partnerships withBoiler Room offer a unique opportunity to brands a foot in the door with a young, global and technically savvy audience who, would more often than not, utilise ad blocking applications on video sites such as YouTube, UStream and DailyMotion. 65% of global internet users who utilise ad blockers are aged 16 34 (Statista, 2016), Boiler Room demographic perfectly matches this age group.Another unique Boiler Room factor is their ability and persistence in providing a platform for female musicians, such as artists like Nina Kravis, Maya Jane Coles and Ellen Allien.

“She is one of our glue people,” coach Dave Lutz said of McPeek, a three year varsity player and two year starter. “She really keeps the team together and plays hard all the time. She can shoot but she also does all the little things. Alcohol License Non renewals: The Alcohol License Review Committee is one of the few committees that has been given permission to meet this week. They will begin to review the annual license renewals at special meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. These meetings will focus on licenses that are separated for review and discussion based on concerns and issues over the past year..

Eyebuydirect achieve that perfect when he lived on the figuring out how you retain going after. Thus making dusting ceiling above are additionally accessible ratchet tighten anddesigned to maintain my head heat. Thus very popular American designers lengthy been a real buddy ever since visiting.

The fashionable halo that would hover on the decades long reputation and popularity of Wayfarers and Aviators could give any new venture a substantial boost. Facebook is tapping into decades of accumulated cool built by everyone from Bob Dylan to Andy Warhol to Debbie Harry to Madonna to Tom Cruise.But what, exactly, is in it for Ray Ban?The best brand collaborations take two strong names and products and combine them in a way that is unique, surprising, and frankly, awesome. Think Taco Bell and Doritos.

In the past year, Delhi has been hit by major riots twice. As James Bond was once told, “once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, third time it’s enemy action.” Many, and some in the government, already believe the enemy action bit. This is evident from the fact that farmer leaders who have been peacefully agitating for four long months have been slapped with criminal cases but those who very visibly carried out the Red Fort rampage on January 26 remain at large.

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