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Previously, researchers thought that the gamma rays came from the decay of heavy elements synthesized in the kilonova. But this study shows that the magnetar intense magnetic fields can amplify the jets of material coming from the magnetar. Those jets reach near relativistic speeds, releasing sGRBs.

We have an older rear projection TV sitting on it that is probably 60 pounds on the high end. We get some creaks and pops from time to time, but it isn bowing or giving any indication that it is going to give way anytime soon. I think it has been set up this way for at least 9 years or so with 0 issues.

“The NYSPCC advises parents to discuss this issue with their children. Though seemingly uncomfortable, even young children have shown the capability to grasp concepts of sexual abuse and body safety if the age appropriate language is used. Frame the discussion around ‘body health and safety’ rather than ‘abuse’, which might be less scary, and discuss ‘private parts’..

Also at the Committee on the Environment will be a discussion of the proposed creation of a special task force to review PFAS contamination sponsored by myself, Alder David Ahrens, and Alder Samba Baldeh. Also on Monday, Engineering staff will be holding a public information meeting on the reconstruction of Oak St (see details below). Tuesday’s Council meeting will be the last full meeting for retiring alders.

Everyone does ab workouts with only their body weight. You don put zero weight when you bench or squat, so why do that for abs? Find ways to incorporate weights into your ab workouts (Like dumbells between your feet doing leg raises) and you will notice that your abs will “pop” Like most people who work on abs a lot have abs, but it is shallow and isn pronounced. Once you start adding weight to ya ab workouts, it will be very noticeable and look more like real abs.

I have heard from our Streets Department that they will be towing cars which are parked on the wrong side of the street during this and future “snow emergencies”. Word is that E. Johnson Street is particularly a problem. If you are, clam up and only give your rank, name and serial number. Walker likes to refer to them as fumetti, which is Italian for There are many different types of fumetti, though.

“We want to bring the Ritz back to the way it was because people have such fond memories of it,” Laurie Wuchter said. “I hear from people all the time saying, ‘My mom and dad met here and they’ve been married for so many years.’ So that’s what we want to bring back. We want people to return, fall in love and have their kids come back.”.

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