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These steamers are efficient, affordable, and save time and effort. This appliance can become an Ideal gifting option this season. There are also some places online where you can sell your camera and get the best offer for it. Locally raised. Happy cows. In house charcuterie? It’s all the rage now.

I agree with you, docking tails and cropping ears in 21st century sounds stupid. But I afraid in this specific case, it better when they are cropped. Alabai in the natural setting, with uncropped ears, has a high chance to get in trouble. A VPN keeps you anonymous online by masking your IP address and encrypting your traffic through its secure servers, and while it would be nice of providers to give away and maintain this technology for free, they have to make money somehow. So, if they’re not charging you a monthly or annual fee to use their service, they’re likely logging and selling your data in order to pay their bills. Some even have the audacity to seed their products with spyware.

With the prices of Ray Bans running on the higher end of things, you would be smart to look out for sales when you can. And luckily for you, Joma Shop is in the midst of a flash sale that is going to take up to 48 percent off the amazing selection of Ray Bans in the store. And when you use discount code FASTSHIP, you will get free shipping to save even more during this sale..

Similarly, Google agreed to make a rare manual adjustment to its own search results after news that the search engine top results for queries about the Holocaust pointed to a prominent Nazi website. Google engineers may have every intention in the world of creating a neutral ranking algorithm. But the algorithms and automated systems that govern our social interactions, dating ads, product recommendations, risk profiles, and the ads we see aren neutral.

To leave Home, you tap and hold your profile picture at the bottom of cover feed and drag it in one of three directions. Left for Facebook Messenger, right for the last app you used, and up to open your app favorites screen. You can customize this with whatever apps you want quicker access to, or swipe right to reveal your full list of apps..

First, we’re happy to note that the Pixel 3 XL does not suffer from the dreaded ‘blue tint’ issue that plagued its predecessor. There is a slight blue hue that’s visible when viewing the phone at an angle and with a lighter background, but it’s not very prominent. The Pixel 3, on the other hand, tends to shift to a warmer hue when viewed in a similar manner.

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