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I do not support going out and standing in traffic. I ALSO don’t support racism and black people being beaten and killed! I am able to not support racism, as well as not support the violence caused by it. There HAS to be a better alternative. Children as young as six will be given the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine as part of a new clinical trial to test its efficacy in youngsters. Researchers will use 300 volunteers to assess whether the coronavirus vaccine will produce a strong immune response in children aged between six and 17. Boris Johnson said on Saturday he “very much hoped” also to reopen schools at the same time, although ministers are discussing a proposal that will see primaries return first with secondaries a further week or two later.

Background and aims:The inclusion of Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) in Section III of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has increased the interest of researchers in the development of new standardized psychometric tools for the assessment of such a disorder. To date, the nine item Internet GamingDisorder Scale Short Form (IGDS9 SF) has only been validated in English, Portuguese, and Slovenian languages. Confirmatory factor analysis and multi group analyses were applied to assess the construct validity.

My vote to close the MSL was in the context of social distancing. The size of the space and Public Safety as it related to COVID 19 was my thinking process. Limited or loss of access to the computer section, loss of staff space, loss of meeting space, severe restriction of access to library flow, loss of shelving space would that be the library environment that you would want? I could not justify my vote for keeping the library open during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Businesses will likely be able to maintain a federal deduction on state and local taxes. Individual taxpayers are set to lose that under the bill, as Republicans seek to offset deficits by raising other income.At the same time, the bill does little to help the large numbers of people who rely on wages for a living, Marr says. For example, there are no cuts to payroll taxes and no expansion to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) the most effective program in the public assistance budget.About 26 million low income Americans received EITC payments last year (to an amount equal to a percentage of their earnings) worth an average of $2,400.

If you follow me on Snapchat (do it now: raywongy), you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Stories. I love seeing people use their phone cameras in creative ways to tell stories. It always amuses me how creative Snapchatters are with framing, whether it’s by emphasizing something by zooming in on it until it can’t zoom any further, or teasing something by starting on one thing and pointing to another, or experimenting with different kinds of angles..

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