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I can understand frustration with flailing and flopping. I not a fan of that either. However saying “The Rockets basically cheat on every possession and then hope the refs give them the game” feels like a bit of a stretch. A cost function is associated with the strength of the total elastic support provided to a beam of uniform cross section supporting a compressive load. Through a perturbative method, it is found that for a low cost of support, a single, centrally placed support is optimal; furthermore it is found, using simulational and analytic methods, that the optimal support placement undergoes a series of bifurcations as the cost increases. The nature of these bifurcations is non trivial and, although the analogy is not complete, there exist similarities between the solution to this problem and Landau theory of second order phase transitions.In Chapter 3, the theme of hierarchical design is introduced.

The push for record review led investigator Sgt. Andrew Ascione to comb through files inside the long term storage cabinet before they were moved offsite. In July 2020, Ascione pulled a case from the cabinet assigned to Tavel in August 2018 after a woman reported being raped after a night of drinking..

Wash House Beach south of Pilot Beach in the Camden Haven offers nature lovers the perfect opportunity to explore and discover rock pools from below and majestic birdlife such as soaring sea eagles from above. Care must be taken however as it can be dangerous and strong rips and currents occur. Conditions are ideal when there are north west to north east winds with waves under 2 metres..

The perceived audible noise due to the hf injection can be reduced by randomly distributing the injection frequencies around a centre frequency, such that it is perceived as a background hiss rather than the fixed tone heard with fixed hf injection methods. By analysing the A weighting scales used to classify human perception of audible noise and frequency analysis of the recorded noise, an injection frequency of (lS00328) Hz is found to have the lowest audible noise level compared to other random frequencies and other fixed frequencies methods. A 10 kHz square wave hf injection sensorless method has also been implemented.

Ellis remembers talking on the phone with a friend about the cyclical nature of his life during COVID 19 and how he was frustrated that he hadn’t been writing or recording as much music as he hoped. “I didn’t know what I wanted to write about, but I wanted to make a song,” he says. “In this case, ‘Groundhog Day’ is what came out.” He adds that after listening to what he recorded, he realized the similarities and tragic beauty of his situation.

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