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Far from it. As the night rolled on, more and more parallels surfaced, to the point that Sam could not stop laughing about it the next morning. From the Midwest. “There’s a sense the GMs want to get it right and that would mean adding some of the situations that are reviewable,” said Toronto GM Brian Burke. “Right now video review is only applied in a very narrow set of circumstances. I think there’s a couple of guys who would like to see that expanded..

Roku recently updated its Ultra streaming box, adding Dolby Vision HDR support and improved Wi Fi performance. The 2020 version of the Ultra is faster, thanks to a new quad core processor. In fact, this is the fastest streaming device Roku has released, and we can confirm that it feels faster than the Streambar or last year’s Ultra.

But refashioning stores with a certain wood finish or outfitting employees in a distinctive smock doesn make you Warby Parker any more than painting your store white makes you Apple. Piling on frivolous attractions in an attempt at authenticity, as Brooks Brothers did by opening a Stumptown at one of its Manhattan locations, drives the Warby Parker team bonkers. Way people are defining experience today is way off, Blumenthal says.

Within that context, I was pleased to see an amended proposal from the developer that is more consistent with our adopted plans and our vision for creating complete neighborhoods. In a ‘best case’ scenario, I believe the proposed plan has the potential to help fulfill that promise in this activity center. In that ‘best case’ scenario, the two commercial anchors on each end of the proposal, the coworking and fitness spaces, and all of the work/live spaces would be filled with activity and would be a real asset to the current and future residents of these neighborhoods..

Suggesting to consider reexamining the scheduled increases in fares in tolls, DiNapoli said. You look at how those increases have been implemented, it has exceeded the rate of inflation. We certainly know how hard pressed riders are that use the MTA facilities, so with an improved outlook, perhaps it time to reconsider those fare and toll increases that are scheduled.

On Wednesday, March 10 at 5pm, Metro Transit and the City of Madison Transportation Commission will be reviewing the planned bus stop changes occurring in 2021. Changes include bus stops closing, opening, the addition of concrete bus stop pads and/or the addition of an amenity. Passengers and stakeholders are encouraged to attend the meeting or .

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