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How do we encourage and enable interdisciplinary systems thinking approaches to sustainable fashion design and business education? In preparation for a workshop at the 2017 PLATE conference, this paper introduces the context of a toolkit The Clothing Durability Dozen (Cooper at al, 2016b) aimed at enabling students to collaborate and learn about clothing longevity across disciplines and creating a better understanding of the roles that different departments can play in placing sustainable design strategies at the heart of the clothing industry. In line with education for sustainable development (ESD) principles, objectives include stimulating learning and promote core competencies, such as critical and systemic thinking, collaborative decision making, and taking responsibility for present and future generations. In the workshop, participants will trial and contribute to the development of the toolkit and any necessary supporting material, the final version of which will be available for use as an educational tool..

Biden is focused and wants to be seen focusing on taming the COVID 19 pandemic, notably pushing through his $1.9 billion coronavirus stimulus bill. Ignoring the Senate trial also echoes how Biden team dealt with what Politico calls “Trumpian distractions” on the campaign trail, and, the Post notes, it “creates contrast with Trump, who at times appeared to weigh in on every controversy facing the country” and frequently watched TV during work hours. Besides, it unlikely anything Biden says would tip the scales toward conviction, which requires 17 Senate Republicans to break with the former president.

Live in a time when the future is more unpredictable than ever. Every year, there is that Next Big Thing. And for the past 10 or more years, we been seeing almost one each year.. The price for the repair, as stated in the email, was quoted as $231.00. Well over half of the original value. As a matter of fact, the repair price as quoted would be almost 65% of the original purchase price.

What better way to express your love and caring for significant others than buying them a well made and aesthetically pleasing face mask for the new year? These beautifully constructed Out About Supply Masks are lightweight and breathable, have a cotton liner and tight zigzag stitching that all adds up to superior comfort and a great fit. You can breathe, talk, laugh, even make phone calls and walk the dog. You look cool and feel protected during these endless pandemic days.

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