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“I am thrilled that businesses across the country are making anti distracted driving policies an integral part of their employee culture,” said Secretary LaHood. “President Obama led by example last year by banning four million federal workers from texting behind the wheel. Employers across America are doing the same to help us set an example and keep our roads safe.”.

Ugh. I swear I would bang my head against my keyboard right now in frustration with everyone and everything except for the fact that I have to go back to the doctor TMs in a few weeks and I don TMt need yet another bruise that I have to explain away. Oh, and on Wednesday I TMll be staying in the city for three days for work.

As part of this history series of articles in the Anchorage Daily News, I have answered something like 200 history questions from readers. The following are some of their questions and their answers. Now, more than ever, history can ground us, provide a much needed distraction and, perhaps, show what we have endured before..

It boosts the oxygen in your blood so you have less shortness of breath and can be more active. Whether you need to wear oxygen depends on how serious your condition is. Some people with IPF need it only when they sleep or exercise. Officers and medical crews responded and located the injured persons, one adult male and one adult female. They were transported to a hospital by ambulance where they are recovering from serious injuries. Those who have surveillance systems in the area of these events are asked to review footage and reach out if anything of evidentiary value was captured.

If Apple would prefer that course, however, that may provide an alternative that requires less labour by Apple.”The footnote evoked what some lawyers familiar with the case call a “nuclear option,” seeking the power to demand and use the most prized assets of lucrative technology companies.A person close to the government’s side told Reuters that the Justice Department does not intend to press the argument that it could seize the company’s code, and someone on Apple’s side said the company isn’t worried enough to counter the veiled threat in its brief due Tuesday.But many people expect the iPhone matter to reach the US Supreme Court, and thus even fallback legal strategies are drawing close scrutiny.Odds of success unclearThere is little clarity on whether a government demand for source code would succeed.Perhaps the closest parallel was in a case filed by federal prosecutors against Lavabit LLC, a privacy oriented email service used by Edward Snowden. In trying to recover Snowden’s unencrypted mail from the company, which did not keep Snowden’s cryptographic key, the Justice Department got a court order forcing the company to turn over another key instead, one that would allow officials to impersonate the company’s website and intercept all interactions with its users.”Lavabit must provide any and all information necessary to decrypt the content, including, but not limited to public and private keys and algorithms,” the lower court ruled.Lavabit shut down rather than comply. But company lawyer Jesse Binnall said the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld the lower ruling, did so on procedural grounds, so that the Justice Department’s win would not influence much elsewhere.In any case, full source code would be even more valuable than the traffic key in the Lavabit case, and the industry would go to extreme lengths to fight for it, Binnall said.”That really is the keys to the kingdom,” Binnall said.Source code is sometimes inspected during lawsuits over intellectual property, and the Justice Department noted that Apple won permission to review some of rival Samsung’s code in one such case.

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