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The video and audio showcased the brutality of some members of the pro Trump mob that stormed the Capitol. In one clip, an officer was shown getting crushed in a doorway, while other videos showed officers getting shoved as they tried to keep rioters back. “I don see how after the American public sees the whole story laid out here .

Canada is very home centric when it comes to investors, more so than any other country in the world. You have to feed the demands of your clients.Our regulations are also very different, and our regulators are very forward thinking moreso than the American regulators who I believe are years away in making progress in the sale of active ETFs. Our regulators understood right from the beginning that we are not disadvantaging our clients; we have a forward looking marketplace in that regard.Why has Canada embraced the active ETF?Canadians grew up with mutual funds.

According to The Financial Times, via Bloomberg, some of Amazon’s investors have had enough, urging the company to stop interfering with unionization efforts. The group is made up of more than 70 investors, collectively holding some $20 billion of the company’s shares. The comptrollers for the state of New York and New York City, BMO Global Asset Management, Sweden based Folksam andOhman Fonder, as well as the Church of England Pensions Board are just a few of the investors in question..

Incidentally it’s mooncake time of the year and I have been munching away. I looove mooncake and mum brought me back some new flavours from Malaysia. Usually my favourite is pandan flavour but here is a pic of charcoal and coffee and the other, the yolk is substituted with a spicy shrimp floss.

Meanwhile, Ryerson University is undergoing its own reckoning with the legacy of its namesake, Egerton Ryerson, who was involved in the residential schools system in Ontario. While the Eyeopener campus newspaper isn’t directly affiliated with the university’s school of journalism, two other school publications, the Ryersonian and the Ryerson Review of Journalism, are. The Toronto school is currently seeking applicants for a committee to work on the name change for the two journalism publications..

To my knowledge, there is one for $200 from Brother Sam, but this looks identical. Placement on the inner pouch is off by a little, but other then that this looks good to me. I had it ship just before CNY, so I hope it makes it out before flights stop..

When summer hit, I said to Laura, one day, “What do you think about going in together to buy The Harvest Pantry?” And so, we started a conversation with Valerie and we figured it out. With part of the assets, we bought a mentorship from Valerie. She has generations of knowledge and the recipes, they’re tried true, people love them..

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