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Ice Cube has come under fire for appearing to work with the Trump administration on his “Contract with Black Americans.” The entertainer said in an interview with CNN that both the Trump campaign and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign reached out to him about his contract. “One campaign said ‘we love what you have but let’s really dig into it after the election,’ and one campaign said we love what you have, ‘do you mind talking to us about it and that’s what I did,” he said. “The Trump campaign came to me and asked me to explain to them some of the Contract with Black America.” Ice Cube clarified that he has not endorsed either campaign.

WisDOT retains an administrative fee (currently $0.17/registration). The revenues from these fees may only be used for transportation related purposes. This ordinance shall be effective on March 1, 2020. Open final, and built up a big lead in the second set. But the American with 23 Grand Slam titles to her name had fought back, winning four straight games to level the second set at 5 5. The New York crowd was in ecstasy, with swelling cheers meeting each point that Serena won..

For every power play goal the Blues score during their regular season, Ameren Missouri and Blues for Kids will donate $500 to a local children’s charity. Four finalist charities will be announced on Friday, Feb. 26, with the winning charity to be decided by public vote.

Chevron rightHow were the vaccines made so fast?Historically, vaccines have taken years to develop. Before these, the mumps vaccine which took four years to develop was the fastest to be approved for use in humans. Developing messenger RNA vaccines such as the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna candidates has been fast because scientists were able to start their work before there was a known case of the novel coronavirus in this country, using the viral genome shared online as a template.

Are two different people, both Pioneer players. Result of the attack required Will to receive five stitches on his left cheek. He also has numerous scratches that run along the side of his face and down to his neck, and he is experiencing concussion like symptoms, which the family is monitoring..

When the snowfall begins, crews will be dispatched to maintain the salt routes and sand first areas. These are the main thoroughfares, Madison Metro routes, and other critical portions of our transportation network. Crews will maintain these routes for as long as conditions require, and crews will only deploy salt or sand as needed..

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