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(Analog Caf, 720 SE Hawthorne) When I lived alone in LA for a summer, I went to a lot of concerts by myself. It’s an easy city to feel isolated in and, as clich as it sounds, being able to lose myself in crowds was a great distraction. I saw a lot of shitty bands in shitty bars, but at one mini festival in Echo Park I was charmed by the Frights, a surf punk band from San Diego.

The men perfume section has a lot more options to choose from. Unlike the limited range of floral and fruity fragrances for women, the men shelf offers woody, spicy, musky and sporty fragrances. Lot of girls prefer stronger, masculine fragrances, says fashion stylist Gary Wallang.

Background: Epilepsy is a serious chronic neurological disorder that has a higher incidence in children and young people (CYP) than in adults. Epilepsy negatively impacts physical and psychosocial quality of life of CYP. Good outcomes of epilepsy are associated with optimal choice of drug treatment and adequate adherence to the prescribed medicines.

Of course, before you start wearing your glasses you need to visit an eye care specialist. This specialist will run a thorough test on your eyes and advise you on the type of glasses you need to wear. After you’ve got your eyeglass prescription in your hands you now need to go out shopping.

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Designers of MMK “Passport Panties” say they hit on the idea for their lingerie which features a handy passport holder after losing their luggage one too many times. And when was the last time that happened? “Tonight!” said Mary Kay Bowden, who had just arrived at Bungalow 8 after flying in from Houston. “Thank God we had our panties!” Male customs officers surely will approve..

Optical control of memristors opens the route to new applications in optoelectronic switching and neuromorphic computing. Motivated by the need for reversible and latched optical switching we report on the development of a memristor with electronic properties tunable and switchable by wavelength and polarization specific light. The device consists of an optically active azobenzene polymer, poly(disperse red 1 acrylate), overlaying a forest of vertically aligned ZnO nanorods.

It’s still in use you’ll see it called CR39 for glasses.Later, polycarbonate was developed for military use and then found its way to eyeglasses. Same with Trivex, which was developed as optical armor for military aircraft canopies. IIRC, Trivex is something like 60 times tougher than polycarbonate and resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

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