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Councilor Hamilton appears to be just a voice for city administration. If he is really concerned about the well being of the kids in the McKellar ward he will put a motion forward for a rebuild of Dease Pool and lobby the Mayor and his fellow councillors at the ongoing budget deliberations to support him as Councillor Mark Bentz previously did. I know councillor Andrew Foulds will second the motion as he was the only councillor to vote against the closure of Dease Pool.

Two spacecraft are still active on the surface: Curiosity and InSight. Smashed Russian and European spacecraft litter the Martian landscape, meanwhile, along with NASA’s failed Mars Polar Lander from 1999. Getting into orbit around Mars is less complicated, but still no easy matter, with about a dozen spacecraft falling short.

Coming home, said Bucs coach Bruce Arians, whose first NFL coaching job was as an assistant in 1989 with Kansas City, and won two league Coach of the Year awards, with Indianapolis in 2012, Arizona in 2014. He will make his first trip to the Super Bowl as a head coach. Coming home to win.

‘Flight of the Conchords’ was great, too. I wonder how they decided on Jemaine over Brett for a nomination. It could have gone either way. One afternoon I drive out to Montclair, New Jersey, to meet “Orbit,” as he is known, a Turkish born quality control manager and Waze Global Champ. To reach this level, he has made hundreds of thousands of edits. “I probably put in more time on Waze than at my actual work,” he tells me with a sheepish smile.

Coyotes are versatile and adaptable predators that feed mainly on small rodents and rabbits, making them an important part of the food chain. They are also scavengers and omnivores and will eat almost anything they can find including fruits, vegetables and insects. If food sources are available in your neighborhood, coyotes may be attracted to them.

Huawei Mate X2 specifications (expected)In a separate post on Weibo, Digital Chat Station had earlier claimed that the phone is expected to feature an 8.01 inch (2,480×2,200 pixels) inward folding display along with a secondary 6.45 inch (2,270×1,160 pixels) display. Huawei Mate X2 may feature a quad rear camera setup that comprises a 50 megapixel primary camera, a 16 megapixel secondary camera, a 12 megapixel sensor, and an 8 megapixel sensor. The phone is expected to feature 10x hybrid optical zoom.

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