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As in Experiment 1, only dynamic face voice matching was above chance. In Experiment 3, participants heard a voice and then saw two static faces presented simultaneously. With this procedure, static face voice matching was above chance. Najahe Sherman joined the WAAY 31 news team in February 2018. She initially joined WAAY 31 as the morning and midday news anchor and was promoted to the evening anchor position a year later. In addition to anchoring the evening news, Najahe also reports for WAAY 31.

The apologies come after the release of Framing Britney Spears, which charts Ms Spears downfall that eventually led to a mental breakdown and the guardianship of her money and assets handed over to her father. Actress Sharon Stone and comedian Sarah Silverman are among those to own up and express regret this week. “I wish I could delete it,” Ms Silverman said this week of a video in which she mocked the young singer’s “slutty clothes”, weight and children..

Fleiss: It’s the first group we really filled out in the company and a hugely important group. We view ourselves as an experience company and not a product company. Someone is coming to us for this aspirational feeling of being Cinderella for an evening out, and a lot of interactions they have with the customer insights reps help make that happen.

While our Creative Captioning exercises usually devolve into a snarkfest within the first few minutes, today’s picture (it is hoped) can only inspire us to reach the warm, fuzzy and eternally sunny heights of shameless gushing. Because, no matter how one feels about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Thetans or baggy jeans Suri Cruise is one of the most adorable children to ever step in front of a camera. Come on, you know it she makes LOL Cats and even this ridiculously sappy thing look like a piece of highway construction equipment.

The LTE connection is very speedy, the screen is colorful and clear, and NFC is a nice bonus. The battery life is decent, but goes quick if you got the brightness turned up to take advantage of Cover Feed. The last 15% of the battery seemed to drain infuriatingly quickly, which can be rough when you been rationing and expect that much juice to get you to the end of the day.

Effects of flood induced bed elevation and channel geometry changes on flood hazards are largely unexplored, especially in the case of multiple floods from the same site. This study quantified the evolution of river channel and floodplain geometry during a repeated series of hypothetical extreme floods using a 2D full hydro morphodynamic model (LHMM). These experiments were designed to examine the consequences of channel geometry changes on channel conveyance capacity and subsequent flood dynamics.

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