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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WLFI) The state of Indiana is changing its definition of close contact exposures in the classroom. This comes as new data shows that student infections of COVID 19 are rare in the classroom when everyone is wearing a mask. If the Department of really does want to make amends or just do the right thing it should also renew its commitment to the spirit of this program: a great public education for every child, regardless of the family or neighborhood they were born into. Our current ED is run by a woman who has repeatedly undermined education as a public good. This is shameful..

Clothes are worn just seven to 10 times before they thrown out.So if Zara wants to become more sustainable, it may need to rethink the design of its clothes, not just how they are manufactured.[Photo: courtesy Inditex]Ambitious sustainability targetsFor Inditex, a part of the plan is to overhaul the fabrics it uses to create garments. By 2025, the company pledges that all of the cotton, linen, and polyester used across the company will be either organic, sustainable, or recycled. (When I asked for clarification about what means in this context, a spokesperson said that it refers to prioritizing more energy and water friendly processes in the growing and manufacturing of these textiles.)Inditex also pledges to invest in developing new recycling technologies.

“I took some time, got out of the limelight a bit, and started going back into the rinks to just help out. Then I watched some of the kids in my area go to nationals. I kind of thought like many skaters, ‘aw, I’m not going to coach, I’ve already spent my 22 years in the rink.’ But being there and being able to support the athletes and watch them accomplish their goals, I totally caught the bug.

You might think that since the Wheeler Opera House was named after its builder, Jerome Wheeler, that there was a Mr. Rink. No, it was a roller skating rink and opera house where there was more roller skating than opera. After the material has been trapped, Dane County staff would remove the material by a pumping device affixed to a barge. The pump would discharge fine material (less than ” to the sanitary sewer). Larger material would be collected in a screen and disposed of at the landfill.

My buddy who found these spoke to the liquor store manager and she was informed by her distributor that Buffalo Trace felt they didn’t have a product on the market to compete with the Jim Beam line extension, resulting in the creation of the five Benchmark variations. My first thoughts were “what about Ancient Age, Old Charter and Old Taylor?”. Hey, those marketing folks get paid a hell of a lot more than I dobut anyways let’s see what this $15 Jim Beam alternative has going for it..

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