Otherwise I’m in the process of organising what track and points/turnouts I’ve got, and have fixed down the track in Fiddleyard Number 1, and Units 2 3 (partly) where the short line to the small depot leaves the Up main passenger/parcels running line. The pointwork on the nearside siding (Up main goods/freight) has also been fixed down, leaving two double straight lengths of track to buy and fix down before I buy any more new point units. Some double straight track units and rail joiners (‘fish plates’) have been bought and used to fix down an outer and inner curve; then onto Unit 4.

Here is a photo from the AMA National from Wortham, Texas Freestone Raceway. I went on Saturday. My first ever MX (motocross) race. The Ray Bans are a similar form as the WPs, but they feel nice; comfortable, the plastic frames feel well made (no jagged edges), the hinges move nicely, and the lenses are great. Needless to say, I wear the Ray Bans daily and the WP are more of a spare pair. The Ray Bans may have been 2X or more than WP.

You know how everyone always says “content is king?” Well, it really needed to be true on the Hydrogen One more than any other device, and it failed. Holographic 4 View photos look bad and you can only take these special 3D photos in landscape mode and not portrait. You also can only view them in 4 View within the RED Player app and not Google Photos.

Gray, BA in Biology, Cum Laude, Kathleen G. Halpin, BSN in Nursing, Michael B. Hobbs, BS in Computer Science, Kelly A. We will read the texts of Shakespeare’s plays as well as shorter readings on film theory and terminology, thinking about how his texts work on the page, on the stage, and on the screen. Classes will be a mixture of lectures, discussions, and film viewings. This course may be taken as an elective or to fulfill the General Education C1: Arts requirement.

Former Clipper forward Maurice Harkless spends time at home with his dog, Biggie, in Venice as he awaits the restart of the NBA season. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)There are worse places to shelter in place during the COVID 19 pandemic than the sleek style house on the leafy Venice side street, the one with a ground floor wine cellar and a pool steps from the kitchen.But the real show stopper is the rooftop. From the deck’s couches, its gleaming outdoor kitchen and table with seating for six, there are views of the hills above Santa Monica to the north and the planes approaching LAX to the south.Moe Harkless, the 27 year old forward traded in February from the Clippers to his hometown New York Knicks, bought the house last fall and has spent every day there since the NBA suspended its season in March.Like so many of his peers Harkless wants the season to resume, even if he no longer plays for a championship contender.