Another important lesson we are learning is the importance of the arts in providing a sense of community and helping fight depression/anxiety during times of immense stress. Gal Gadot’s cringe worthy celeb filled rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine others have really hit the mark. Here are a few of the more interesting efforts from celebs to help us all break the monotony associated with our new (and hopefully temporary) normal:.

Their bodies would be recovered the next day near the mostly intact tail. The crippled aircraft, left uncontrollable, plunged down in a power dive and half loop. Investigators know Tarrant cut the throttles as the doomed ship corkscrewed to earth, unable to do much more than watch the white hands on the black altimeter rapidly unwind in what one witness described as a howling descent that was mercifully short.

Were about three minutes left in the game, we were up by 10. I thought, crap, we going to win the Grey Cup. A couple of us made it down from Row 86 and got onto the field to be part of it when we won. How would he like to sit in on an interview Louisiana officials were planning to hold with an informant Churchill had used decades ago in the Marshall case? The hope was that, with Churchill there, the informant might also open up about Louisiana’s cold case.”Jim was very helpful in sharing with us the intelligence information, background information as well as trial information,” said Caddo Parish District Attorney Charles Rex Scott.But nothing concrete developed on the Maria Marshall murder until Larry Scott called Churchill again last month. Thompson, he told him, “was alluding to the fact that he had some information regarding Maria Marshall’s death. A week later, Churchill received another signed affidavit.He was getting closer to nailing Thompson, the last piece of the puzzle.Although Thompson beat the murder charge in 1986, two men were convicted in connection with her death.Besides Marshall, the other two were Robert Cumber of Bossier City, La., and Billy Wayne McKinnon, a former Louisiana sheriff’s officer.

That the No. 1 goal. Having No. The Cubs got lucky last year. No, I’m not talking about the Giants’ bullpen imploding three outs away from getting the NLDS to ace Johnny Cueto, or injuries to Indians starters Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco that forced Cleveland to become only the second team in a quarter century to use starters on short rest four times in the World Series, or good heavens 17 blissful minutes of a restorative rain delay on the edge of blowing Game 7. Chicago had freakishly good health when it came to its veteran starting pitching..