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The factions became more embittered every day. Tumult and massacre broke out in Prague. The senators took refuge in the townhouse; they were pursued thither, thrown out of the window, and received on the pikes of the insurgents. Well of course we working on it, Facebook head of augmented reality Ficus Kirkpatrick told me when I asked him at TechCrunch AR/VR event in LA if Facebook was building AR glasses. Are building hardware products. We going forward on this .

So far, Mumbai has not witnessed a collective student protest on the same scale as say, the one in Delhi. We don’t have politically manipulated student unions that are powerful enough to gather the numbers required. Our students are a little apathetic as compared to their more strident counterparts elsewhere.

Samsung Galaxy A12 may launch in India soon as its support page has gone live on the Samsung India website. The phone debuted in the European market in November last year, but its international availability was not announced at the time. The Samsung Galaxy A12 India support page lists the phone with a 4GB RAM variant.

Income over $128,400 isn taxed for Social Security now; if it were, the program could raise around $220 billion this year, helping cover part of the funding gap. Taxing the investment income of wealthy Americans could raise billions more, as could removing tax loopholes for inherited wealth.Social Security seems like it a pretty powerful thing, and it would work with a lot of political constituencies, says Rutledge. We already know that it works.

Diplomat in Geneva will announce on Monday that Washington will return to the Geneva based body as an observer with an eye toward seeking election as a full member. Entrepreneur Richard Strandz said in his vlog last week that he’s known Dennis Pascual, who sells junk for a living, for quite a while. “I always see him passing by my shop,” Strandz said in .

I grunt when I sit down. It’s very attractive I’m sure.This morning I did not work out as Keith is home so I don’t work out in the mornings. But I am going to do some GENTLE yoga this evening in keeping with my daily exercise commitment and hopefully to help with all the aches and pains I have acquired over the last few days.Besides that whining and complaining not much is happening.

Internet access enabled many of us to keep working during lockdown but unreliable connectivity has made using apps like Skype and Zoom frustrating (Image: Getty Images)We may be a nation suffering from Zoom fatigue, but if the last few months have shown us anything, it is just how important digital connectivity is.Throughout lockdown, internet access enabled many of us to keep working. However, slow and unreliable internet has made using apps like Skype and Zoom a frustrating experience. It’s something felt across the whole of the UK, where just 15 per cent of premises have access to full fibre internet, considered the gold standard.As the UK’s third national digital infrastructure platform, CityFibre is working on a solution by building game changing networks in areas including Newcastle.Powering our ambitions When you hear fibre being mentioned by providers, they often actually mean connections that are only part fibre.

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